Thursday, October 4, 2012

Romney Deflates Obama Aggressively With Impressive Command, Confidence, Style & Grace; The Left Are Asking Their Doctors For More Meds Today

"Under the president's policies, middle income Americans have been buried." Romney borrowing Biden's phrase last night.

  • Pundits, on both the Left and Right, are dissecting last night's debate. My take?  More American people now know why we're in trouble with this president and this administration. It was Romney who looked presidential. Romney was in command during the entire debate. His command of data and numbers was extraordinary. And he did it with aggressive grace and confidence. He didn't come off "mean."  On the other hand, Pres. Obama looked like a fish that jumped out of its tank floundering on the wet kitchen floor. Obama looked detached and unprepared. He offered nothing new.
  • This was not a debate between a president and governor. This was a debate between a community organizer and a man who should be president. As Jon Podhretz wrote this morning while  pointing out how well Romney handled facts and numbers, he was able to rebut "every jab the president threw at him."

  • And forget what the Left will be doing today to spin this disaster. Many of the Americans who watched last night are not political junkies. Substance will not trump the impressions that were made last night on those viewers.
  • Speaking of the MSM pressitutes on the Left, they're having a very difficult time spinning this debacle in Obama's favor (only one really tried last night, Van Jones on CNN. As he tried to defend Obama, even Carville was rolling his eyes). They know they can't spin this rationally so a lot of the criticism was aimed at the moderator, Jim Lehrer. On the other hand, many on the Left are in shock and disappointed. Carville said Romney came with a chainsaw. Even Andrew Sullivan Tweeted, "He (Obama) choked. He lost. He may even have lost the election tonight." In fact, if you visited MSNBC last night right after the debate, it looked like a funeral parlor.
  • Watch for the Left to use the fact checkers to check on Romney's facts rather than on Obama's facts.
  • More evidence of presstitute bias. This is a sub-headline in USA TODAY: "Hospitality Industry Is Recovering Along With The Economy." "Along with the economy?" The feds reported the economy SHRUNK the last quarter from 2% to 1.2%. In fact, first time unemployment claims ROSE again last week by 4000 to 367,000.

  • In my opinion, another reason Obama did so poorly? He had that fake, phony and back-stabbing fraud, John F. Kerry, helping him prepare. Big mistake.
  • Immediate polling by CBS after the debate had Romney a clear winner by a margin of 56-32. But even more interesting is those people who thought Romney cared about them came in at 60%, up from 30% prior to the debate. That's a huge shift.
  • Anyway, it's only one debate. You can bet Obama will be better prepared for the next one. The debate that will be delicious to watch will be the upcoming one between Slo Joe Biden and Ryan. That debate will also have huge numbers. Not because of Ryan, but the nation will be watching to see if Biden makes a fool of himself again.
  • I've written on several occasions that Obama's former advisor, Rahm Emanuel now mayor of Chicago, brought the WH incompetence to Chicago. Chicago is now reporting more than one murder per day. Through September 1, they've had 391 murders.
  • More intelligence leaks? You decide. From the NY Times: "top-secret Joint Special Operations Commnd" is preparing "target packages."
  • A student at a high school in Philadelphia wore a Romney/Ryan tee shirt to school. Her teacher told her to get out of the classroom. The teacher said wearing that tee shirt was like wearing a KKK shirt.