Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Romney to Obama Tonight: You've Failed; Slo Joe Biden Admits Middle Class Buried Last 4 Yrs.; Women: Your "Lady Parts" Depend On Obama; For Obama, Katrina Response Was All About Racism; Whistle Blower Letter Says U.S. Ignored Warning Signs in Libya

On "60 Minutes," Arnold said you can't run from your mistakes. You have to confront them. Yes, especially when they look exactly like you and keep calling you dad....paraphrasing Conan

  • There's a lot of speculation in the media what Romney and Obama need to do in tonight's debate. If the campaign is reading this blog, I'd suggest Romney challenge Obama right out of the box with: "With all due respect Mr. President, you've failed."
  • Obama's failures---his blind spots---are many. We've summarized them here countless times over the years including, but not limited to, the miserable unemployment picture, the $16T debt, four straight years of over $1T deficits,  the middle class losing 40% of its wealth in just the last 3 years alone, 48 million people on food stamps, highest levels of poverty in decades, runaway federal spending and waste of taxpayer's money as in Solyndra (foreign policy is not on this debate's agenda).
  • Romney also has weaknesses. For one, the similarities between ObamaCare and RomneyCare. He'll be tagged, as usual, for his wealth and taxes implying he's out of touch with the middle class.
  • Obama needs to come up with some new ideas or plans. He has not had any in years. Romney, on the other hand, needs to tell America what he will do as president.
  • So what will be the over/under for Obama mentioning the following phrases and words? Fair share, investments (he means taxes), taxing the wealthy more, using "I" repeatedly, "Let me be clear," "Make no mistake," etc.
  • The Romney team needs to know this (and I'm sure they do). He needs to make a good impression and have a good performance. If it ends in a tie, the MSM Pressitutes will declare Obama the winner.
  • Example of a question I'd like to hear: If Eric Holder and your administration had nothing to do with Fast and Furious, why did you claim executive privilege? Do you stand by your statements that regulations you favored and supported--cap and trade---will bankrupt the coal industry? Why did you take billions out of Medicare to fund ObamaCare?
  • Of course, he won't ask this one but I would: Mr. President, why do you lie so much?

  • Regarding the middle class, Slo Joe Biden's gaffe yesterday will not help Obama. Slo Joe said middle class Americans have been "buried the last four years." Oops.
  • NY City has the highest taxes in the nation. It also has 21% of its residents in poverty. I think I see a connection there.

  • Obama's web site had the above image on it yesterday. It has been removed. So to all you women out there, your "lady parts" depend on Obama getting re-elected.
  • The UK Guardian is reporting voter registration is slumping for both parties but especially for Democrats in key swing states.

  • An old video of Pres. Obama (then as Senator) resurfaced yesterday (you can view it at The Daily Caller). It shows clearly 1-Obama blaming the government's response to Katrina as racist and 2-He does a shout-out to the Rev. Wright. He described Wright as "my pastor." He also viewed Wright as his mentor. Remember, Wright's the racist, anti-Semite who said infamously, "God Damn America!" Now you know the rest of the story.
  • Obama also speaks in an urban black dialect in this video. I didn't know Obama was black sometimes.
  • USA TODAY is reporting that a whistle blower letter has surfaced that says the U.S. ignored warning signs in Libya prior to the embassy attacks. Yet, to date, no one has been fired for this FUBAR by the administration.