Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Obama Administration's Benghazi Embassy Failures; "Wake The F--k Up America!"; The American Press is a Threat To Our Liberties; What Romney Must Do in Debate Tomorrow; Doctors Support Romney

DC Residents Can Remember Who They Were Murdering When The Nationals Clinched  First Ever Playoff Birth...The Onion

  • The facts regarding the attack on our embassy in Benghazi are now becoming more clear. We now know it was a planned al-Qaeda attack not a response to a non-existent film. We now know that prior to the attack on the embassy, threats were made prior to the attack. In fact, the Daily Beast is reporting today in the five months leading to the 9/11/12 attack there were TWO BOMBINGS on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi. In addition, on a June Facebook posting, threats were made against Ambassador Stevens (perhaps that's why his own diary notes indicate the possibility of an attack). In other words, the attack was not spontaneous.
  • So more questions are being raised. Why was security so lax at the embassy on 9/11? (USA TODAY reports there were FEWER than 10 armed security personnel on premises). Were the plethora of warnings heeded by the Obama administration and the State Department or were they ignored? And why did the administration continue to tell Americans the attack was in response to a non-existent film when THEY KNEW otherwise? All of the facts that have been aired shows clearly the administration was not telling the American people the truth. The Obama administration owes the American people full disclosure.
  • To borrow a phrase from Samuel L. Jackson, "WAKE THE F--K UP AMERICA!" The failures and apparent cover-up regarding the embassy attacks and failures in the Obama administration's foreign policy failures, the Fast and Furious scandal and our continued miserable economy shows clearly this administration is incompetent

  • "WAKE THE F--K UP AMERICA!" to the threats on our liberties from the press, the Pressitutes. Thomas Jefferson said in order to have a free country, we must have a free press. The press is supposed to protect us from our government. It's clear now that the American press has abandoned their responsibility to protect us from government overreach. They've come the enemy of the people.
  • Recent Gallup surveys found that 60% of those surveyed DO NOT TRUST the media, the highest number in history.
  • It's also clear that the MSM, the presstitutes, have become the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party.
  • Most recent Pew Poll found that 87% of those polled considered the economy as the most important issue facing Americans. That was followed by unemployment and jobs at 83; health care at 74%, the deficit at 68% and terrorism at 60%. So why the f--k do so many Americans still support Obama when he's failed in addressing all of these concerns?
  • "We wasted four years waiting for Obama to do something about the economy," joked Jay Leno.

  • For those Republicans and conservatives who are nervous about this up-coming election should keep four numbers in mind: 2010. In addition, no president in American history has been elected with unemployment over 7.4%. And no president has been elected when two-thirds of Americans believe the country is on the wrong track.
  • Romney, in my opinion, has only two things to get across in the debate tomorrow: 1-pointing out Obama's epic failures, and 2-lay out his plan and solutions.
  • A survey by Jackson Healthcare released yesterday reports that most physicians support Romney--55-36%. The top reason: in response to ObamaCare. Do you recall, when ObamaCare was being rolled out, the administration invited a group of doctors to the Rose Garden? He and Dems were trying to convince the American people doctors support ObamaCare. Well, now we know--- they don't.
  • Breaking News: A PA judge upheld the state's new Voter ID law BUT ruled that voters without a valid picture ID will still be able to cast their vote this November. Challenges are already underway.