Monday, October 1, 2012

The Irony of Stupidity; Ex-Cons To Be Covered By Medicaid; Obama's Foreign Policy Meltdown: Benghazi Highlights Failures; Obama Still AWOL; Univision Reporting Six Mexican Teenagers Murdered By Thugs Using Fast & Furious Weapons

"Obama Unsure How To Turn Huge Support Among Women, Latinos, Gays, African-Americans Into Electoral Victory."...The Onion's political page

  • I like to call this the "Irony of Stupidity."   The voters most damaged by Obama's policies---Blacks, Latinos,American Jews and the poor---will vote for him by large majorities.
  • For example, take ObamaCare. Most of the poor will be driven into Medicaid---a program already overloaded. In addition, we already have a physician shortage (predicted by this writer as soon as ObamaCare was passed. The Physicians Foundation found 60% of physicians reported they will be forced to restrict seeing new patients. In addition, 87% said the same will happen with Medicare.
  • And if you don't believe me, perhaps you'll believe Gov. Cuomo (D) of NY State. His administration is launching an aggressive plan to have thousands of ex-cons covered by Medicaid after their release from prison. In 2010, NY State discharged over 25,000 inmates. NY Post

  • It's undeniable now: the Obama administration's foreign policy is a dismal failure. In fact, it took four Americans to die in Benghazi to highlight these failures.  Michael Walsh, an opinion writer, points this out when he wrote this week the Embassy attacks and riots throughout the Muslim world (now in about 15 countries): "...have vividly exposed the hollow core of the president's foreign policy 'reset.'" With regard to the Embassy attacks, it's now clear---beyond the shadow of any doubt---the attack was well organized and deliberate. The administration knew this within 24 hours of the attack yet lied about it. There are also reports that the State Department had credible information about an impending attack about 2-3 days BEFORE it happened. If those reports are true, why weren't our embassies better protected? Why weren't Americans evacuated as a precaution? Why did the president himself go to a fundraiser in Vegas instead of minding the store? These are questions the MSM presstitutes need to keep asking the administration. And if it's too dangerous for the FBI to begin an investigation, why was it not too dangerous for our staff to remain there in the first place?

  • Several weeks ago, I wrote a post about Pres. Obama being AWOL. Deroy Murdock, a black journalist who writes for Scripps Howard News, wrote this recently in a piece entitled, "Barack Obama, Slacker-in Chief:" Obama not only missed almost 44% of his intelligence briefings this year, he missed 62% in 2011.  He also missed ALL of his intelligence briefings between Sept. 4-Sept. 11 of this year. In fact, he skipped his intelligence briefing the day after the Benghazi attack. He decided to go to the Vegas fundraiser. In addition, to missing those briefings, he's only had two Cabinet meetings this year as well as not meeting with his jobs council in over six months.  You get the picture? He also didn't have time to meet with BB Netanyahu during this time, but had time to appear on the View and on Letterman.
  • U.S. military deaths in Afghanistan hit 2000 this weekend. Big yawn from the presstitutes. Yet, when Bush was president, it was a big outcry as deaths reached specific thresholds numbers.
  • Perot, in USA TODAY, said we're approaching a disaster scenario. He predicted it in 1992 when our debt was $4T. It is now over $16T.

  • Univision, the Spanish language TV network and the only network doing real reporting, is now reporting that 16 Mexican teenagers were murdered at a birthday party by some of the guns involved in the Fast and Furious operation.