Friday, September 28, 2012

Ann Coulter Enters The Beaver Den ("The View"); BB Netanyahu Teachers The UN Thugs A Lesson About Red Lines; French SocialistsTo Tax at 75% On Earnings; Piss Christ Is Back & Christians Are Not Rioting; Weapons Delayed For Special Operators in Afghanistan

"I offer my opponents a bargain. If they stop telling lies about us, I will stop telling the truth about them."..Adlai Stevenson, 1952 Campaign Speech

  • Yesterday Ann Coulter entered the Beaver Den ("The View"), and decimated the yentas. Coulter was kicking their perfumed asses so bad that Whoopi resorted to what every liberal and progressive does when they are losing a debate: they lie and curse. The amazing thing is Ann even won with the odds against her. It was also conspicuously evident, they didn't even read her book, Mugged.

  • BB Netanyahu also entered the lion's den (UN) yesterday, and gave the world a lesson on the dangers of appeasement with Iran. He made his case with this one statement: "Red lines don't lead to war. Red lines prevent war." He added, "At stake is the future of the world...The relevant question is not when Iran will get the bomb, but at what stage we can no longer stop" it. Finally, he came to the point: "To understand what the world woul be like with a nuclear-armed Iran, just imagine a world with a nuclear-armed al-Qaeda."
  • Many of the Tweets yesterday remarked on how lucky Israel is to have a real leader. 

  • And remember, Israel, one of our closest allies in the Middle East, is surrounded by 300 million people who want to wipe her off the map.
  • Speaking of the UN, their General Assembly is considering a Global Tax. Their nutty ideas include a 1% tax on billionaires, a "tiny" tax on all global financial transactions and more. While I'm on taxes, France's Socialist government just presented their 2013 budget with plans to tax a 75% tax on millionaires. One prediction I can make based on what always happens when millionaires are taxed at such high rates: they will move to other countries. The result: lower revenue to the government.
  • Last week, Pres. Obama said you can't change Washington from the inside. So what does he want to do? He wants four more years to finish the job. WTF? National Review (WTF? is my attribute not the Review's)
  • Piss Christ, an alleged work of art that has a crucifix in urine, is back at an art gallery in NYC. As of this writing, no evidence of Christians rioting (perhaps they should).

  • With the miserable economic news yesterday---economic growth at 1.2%, revised down from 1.7%---is there really anyone left who believes, as Obama keeps telling us, we're going Forward?
  • And how weak is Obama now perceived globally? PM David Cameron of Britain was told Obama was on the phone. Cameron told his aid to tell Obama, he's playing tennis and will return his call after he's done playing.
  • But it looks like the Obama administration has something up their sleeve. As the viral video shows, all you have to do is give a nitwit a free cell phone and they will vote for you.
  • Cleveland has been controlled by Dems for decades. City Council this week approved a plan to clear all 8500 vacant houses in the city. They estimate it will take only 22 years. 
  • USA TODAY is reporting that Navy SEALs, Green Berets and other operators urgently need special weapons (a mortar system) in remote areas of Afghanistan, but the weapons have been delayed. Do you recall how nuts the presstitutes got during W's tenure when there were reports that our troops were using Humvees that did not protect them well enough against IED's? Yet, the only  of this FUBAR has been in USA TODAY. Special operators are telling military brass they are most vulnerable in those remote areas.
  • A cartoon shows a group of guys dressed as refs in front of Foot Locker and the caption reads: "Real Refs Are Back...We Need Our Old Jobs Back."