Thursday, September 27, 2012

The "Stench" At MSNBC; US Economic Growth Collapsed Last Quarter; Can The Polls Be Trusted?; NFL Ref Lockout Over

I haven't seen this many people upset over a piece of tape since the anti-Islamic film came out...Leno referring to the refs bad call last week.

  • Anyone who follows me on a regular basis knows how often I point out the overt bias in the media, the #Presstitutes. So it shouldn't come as any surprise to anyone that almost all the nitwit hosts at MSNBC fell for a bogus story. MSNBC ran with a stupid attempt at satire by Politico which reported that Paul Ryan refers to Romney as "The Stench." In other words, the knuckleheads at MNSBC took a satire and reported it as fact. If ever anyone wanted proof that the presstitutes are in the tank for Obama, this is it.

  • A little more bad news for MSNBC. Mona Eltahawy was arrested earlier this week for spray painting and defacing an anti-Islamists ad in the NY subway system. It appears she believes her freedom of expression give her the right to deny other people's theirs. Oh, yes, one more thing. She's a political pundit on MSNBC.

  • Economic growth was much weaker in the second quarter than first reported. The Feds reported today that economic growth was revised DOWN to 1.25% from the 1.7% estimate (also a dismal number). So much for the "economic recovery."
  • In addition to this depressing news, durable goods orders dropped 13.2%, the worst since the recession began.
  • But guess where incomes have increased? In Republican states. USA TODAY reported that incomes in red states have "swelled." Incomes in Democrat held states reported slower growth. And the big driver in the growth in Red States?---Energy. I have to wonder if this data will hurt Romney. How ironic would be it for states that voters in states with improving economies and Republican leadership would vote for Obama because their economies improved?
  • There is some good and bad news with housing. Sales of new homes slipped but prices increased by 11.2% in July.
  • With the polls all over the map and some swing states showing Obama leading, many conservatives are asking: Can the polls be trusted? For example, last week,Quinnipiac reported Obama with a 9 to 11 point lead in three key swing states (OH, FL and PA). But guess who Quinnipiac recently partnered with? None other than the NY Times and CBS.  In addition, many of these pollsters are using the 2008 election as the benchmark with more Dems weighting the data. No one in their right mind---nor do any polls show---that Democrat turnout will be the same as the turnout in 2008. Third Base Politics, an Ohio conservative blog, points out the NBC poll used 45% Dems in their sample when no party has even come close to a 40% turnout in decades.
  • Also, keep in mind, we have not even had the first debate yet.
  • "Only in America could so filthy and rotten as that vile Iranian toad sit on television and insult us, then stand at the UN and insult us," wrote Cindy Adams in the NY Post.  Also, the prick made his vile comments on the eve of Yom Kippur.
  • In his speech to the UN, Pres. Obama neglected to say that "terrorists" murdered our ambassador to Libya.
  • Below is Romney in a photo of himself he sent to future wife Ann in the 1960's.

  • For several weeks now, I've been Tweeting my followers and the Mitt Romney campaign to get Paul Ryan out there more. Today, in the NY Post, Charles Gasparino wrote that business leaders across the country have been advocating for the same. They tell Gasparino that the Romney campaign "has been furious fielding calls from this crowd demanding to know why Ryan hasn't delivered the dose of testosterone they believe the ticket needs to win." He points out although many of these same business people supported Obama in 2008, they did not like the #1T stimulus and ObamaCare. In addition, he points out they been ignored by Obama.
  • It appears the NFL ref strike is over according to CNN.
  • Even The Hill is reporting this week that Obama has been AWOL. I believe I wrote about his being AWOL two weeks ago.