Monday, October 15, 2012

Benghazi Scandal: More Harmful Than Watergate?; Not Much Room Left Under Obama's Bus; Global Warming Is A Scam; Some In Hollywood Giving Up On Obama

Eloquent Biden Brings Entire Audience To Tears In Debate Stunner...The Onion Politics

  • I contend, and I believe many Americans would agree, the Benghazi scandal is far more harmful than Watergate was. For one very conspicuous reason, no one died in the Watergate scandal. Also, Watergate did not involve our enemy (yes, I know Nixon had an "enemy list" but I don't recall anyone in the Nixon administration using IED's, human suicide bombers or chopping any heads off). We all now know most of the story (you can revisit my previous posts for a summary). We know about 16 security personnel were pulled out of Libya in August. We know the head of security personnel on the ground requested for more security. He received no response from the State Department.  We know there were over a dozen terrorist attacks either near or close to the consulate prior to the 9/11/12 attack. We know, contrary to what the administration was telling us, the on-ground security personnel knew the attack was a terrorist attack "immediately." Yet, the administration continued using a non-existent anti-Muslim film as a reason for the attack. We also know that intelligence documents and weapons from the CIA safe-house in Benghazi were looted (just last week, masked gunmen shot and killed a security officer who worked at the U.S. embassy in Yemen. Coincidence? I don't think so). Al-Qaeda now has the names of our operatives in Libya including double-agents.
  • And all does not bode well for the rest of Obama's foreign policy. Al-Qaeda threats are growing in Nigeria, Mali, Afghanistan and likely Syria. Islamists have taken root in Egypt. Iran keeps threatening the U.S. and Israel. It appears Russia has said the hell with "reset" and are going off in their own direction (like supporting Iran). And, in Asia, China is becoming an even bigger player. Of course, the European Union has their own financial problems. The bottom line: it appears Obama's foreign policy is failing globally.

  • We know Obama has thrown people under the bus (his own grandmother, Rev. Wright are just a few). Now, it appears the administration is trying to throw the CIA and the State Department under the bus regarding what happened in Benghazi. Slo Joe Biden claimed the White House only responded to the information given them by our intelligence agencies. And Hillary Clinton told reporters that her agency was not the source for the misinformation concerning the attacks on the embassy.
  • Update on Rham Emanuel's Chicago: 25 wounded and 5 dead just this weekend. It's safer in Baghdad.

  • Where is Al Gore? The earth stopped warming 16 years ago according to Georgia Tech. The university reported the computer models used have been "deeply flawed." The new data compiled 3000 measuring points on land and sea. All point to showing the earth stopped warming. See data above. UK Mail
  • In fact, National Geographic is reporting today that Antarctic ice is actually---INCREASING. In fact, Antarctica is now surrounded by the greatest area of sea ice ever recorded.
  • The Dept. of Labor is reporting that over 1 million construction jobs have been lost since 2009. When Pres. Obama was selling the stimulus, he said it would create "nearly 400,000 jobs..."
  • Rasmussen is now reporting that Romney is leading in 11 key swing states 49-47%.
  • How bad is it for Obama when Lohan is now supporting Romney? But she's not the only one. In "Last Man Standing," Tim Allen takes some shots at Obama.  For example, one line: "The Democrats will tax inheritance and probably use that money to throw gay weddings for illegal aliens." Ouch! Another line, "Romney is a doer..." Regarding Obama's time in Chicago, "He did a great job with the South Side. It runs like a watch down there. Of course, you can't wear one." And we've had the film "2016" that was produced by Gerald Molen. He produced "Rain Man," Schindler's List," and "Jurassic Park." Buzz Bissinger, author of "Friday Night Lights" and a big liberal, announced last week he will be voting for Romney. Others who might vote for Romney include Kid Rock, Clint Eastwood, John Voight,  Angie Harmon, Gene Simmons, Hilary Duff, Shanon Doherty, Kelsey Grammer, Britney Spears, Vince Vaughn, Sarah Michelle Gellar, LL Cool J, Stacey Dash, and many, many more.