Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Obama Hides Behind Hillary's Pant Suit; Women Flocking To Romney; Romney's Lead In Rural Swing States Huge, Car Battery Maker Goes Broke; GM To Lose $5.6B Overseas

The Obama campaign has a new strategy. They've gone from "hope and change" to "smirk and giggle."...Leno

  • There is something to say about "leading from behind." The buck never reaches your desk. I don't think Americans have ever witnessed a president of the United States who didn't take responsibility as much as Obama. Yesterday Hillary Clinton took responsibility for the security at the embassy in Benghazi. She's right in that respect. She is the Secretary of State. She's wrong in this respect. The President of the United States is ultimately responsible for the security of all Americans.  The President gets intelligence briefings every day (although he failed to attend over 50% of them this year). Communications from security personnel on the ground in Libya---dating back a year---asked for more security personnel. There were multiple terrorist attacks in or around consulate property in the days and weeks preceding the 9/11/12 attack. I cannot imagine any intelligence briefings concerning Libya did not reference those issues and events. Hillary, in my opinion, was not thrown under the bus. She was thrown on her sword. How does she benefit from this? This is purely a political move to protect Pres. Obama. I don't believe it's going to work.
  • In 2008, when Hillary was running against Obama, she reminded him: "The buck stops at the Oval Office."
  • President Obama still has to be asked: What did he know about the attack? When did he know it?  Who is really to blame for refusing requests for additional security (yes, Hillary took the blame, but she didn't mention who refused those requests and why). Perhaps Romney will ask those questions tonight.

  • Speaking of Hillary, this recent episode cannot help Obama with women voters. In fact, in USA TODAY, a piece entitled, "Women Push Romney Into Lead," says it all.  Romney now leads Pres. Obama by four points among likely voters in battleground states.  Women are largely responsible for that shift toward Romney (as recently as just a few months ago, Obama had an 18 percentage point lead over Romney with women. That's evaporated. Pew now shows both tied with female voters, 47-47%). Even a Democrat pollster, Celinda Lake, had to admit: "Women went into the debate actively disliking Romney They came out thinking he might understand."
  • According to USA TODAY/Gallup, among women, after abortion, the most important issues to them are jobs, health care and the economy. Among men, it's jobs, economy, deficit/balanced budget, health care and taxes.
  • Quinnipiac Univerity Poll, that had Obama up by 11 points as recently as a month ago in Pennsylvania, is reporting today Obama's lead there has also evaporated to just 4 points, 50-46%. (These polls still have me scratching my head. How can they have had Obama up by that much just about a month ago?).
  • Even NPR is reporting today that Romney has near landslide numbers in rural swing states 59-37%. Observers say Romney is close to off-setting Obama's lead in urban areas with these recent numbers in rural states. The common belief is that a 60% majority does that.
  • Some other numbers that don't bode well for Obama. In 2008, 72% of young voters (18-29) said they would definitely vote. It's now down to 63% today.  In 2008, 77% of Latinos said they will definitely be voting. It's now down to 59% (their actual turnout in 2008 was 50%). Among Obama supporters, 73% are extremely likely to vote. Among Romney voters, it's 86%. Pew
  • "There has not been one day during the entire Obama presidency when as many Americans were working as the day Pres. Bush left office." Thomas Sowell

  • The car battery maker, A 123 Systems touted by the Obama administration, filed for bankruptcy. They make car batteries for electric cars such as the Chevy Volt. That's about $250M in taxpayer money down the toilet---again. Bloomberg News
  • On top of that news, GM is on track to lose $6.5 billion overseas---that's taxpayer bailout money. Bailout Watch
  • The Obama campaign strategy against Romney comes down to this: They will continue to call him a liar. They will continue to say the economy is in full recovery.
  • Remember those taxes the new Socialist French president imposed on the rich and businesses in France (up to 75%)? Well, The UK Telegraph is reporting businesses are in revolt in France. Many plan on leaving the country---with their money.