Monday, November 5, 2012

Election: Now It's About Turnout; Don't Curb Your Enthusiasm; Romney Expresses Optimism; Marines Arrive To Help Sandy Victims In Obama's & Bloomberg's 9th Wards; 500 Retired Military Officers Support Romney

Undecided Voter Pretty Sure He's Some Kind Of Idiot...The Onion

  • F&%k the polls.  It all comes down to turnout tomorrow. Don't perseverate on those polls. Perseverate on voting tomorrow.
  • Remember, if it's not close, even if the Dems cheat (which is often in many elections), they can't win.

  • However, there is one data point that is telling. The percentage of registered voters in swing states who say they are extremely enthusiastic about voting is 7 percentage points higher among Republicans than among Democrats. That "enthusiasm gap" is huge and well out of the margin of error. This was in evidence in Bucks County, PA, last night. Over 30,000 people turned out in the cold evening (mind you, Sandy hammered Bucks County and many people were still without power) to listen to Mitt Romney.
  • So my message to Republicans and Conservatives: Don't Curb Your Enthusiasm.
  • I firmly believe one of the main reasons Obama started tanking right after the debates had not only to do with Romney's good performances but the Obama campaign's continued character assassination of Romney. Most Americans don't like that crap. In addition, Obama campaign strategy focused on binders, lady parts instead of lady smarts, continued casting blame on Bush, etc. just got to be old.

  • And don't drive yourself crazy regarding all the scenarios pundits list about winning electoral votes.  There are actually 10 different scenarios that lead to over 270 electoral votes for both candidates. And two of them do not include Ohio.
  • As I was thinking of all the damage that the Obama administration has done in the last 4 years (and I've documented that damage on this blog for several years now) to Americans and to America, I suddenly shuttered at another thought. If he's re-elected---imagine the damage he'll do in the next four years. Frightening! Even more frightening when I read Michelle Obama's comments this past weekend: "Imagine what Barack can do in 4 more years."
  • I believe one of the best newspaper endorsements I've read for Romney (21 national newspapers flipped from 2008 when they endorsed Obama and now are endorsing Romney) was by the Des Moines Register, "Obama Sharpens Criticism---Romney Expresses Optimism."

  • Have you listened to Pres. Obama's stump speeches? I can't help laughing when he says at every event: The economy is on the right track. The problem is most Americans know that's not true. In fact, in USA TODAY, both Obama and Romney had editorials to pitch themselves. I almost fell out of my diner booth when I read the headline for Obama's editorial: "With Jobs On The Rise And Rebounding Growth, Don't Give Up." Folks, as many of you know already, unemployment went UP again last month. And the nation's GDP (economic growth rate) is still stagnant.
  • There is some good news on the post-Sandy front or as I like to refer to it: Obama's and Bloomberg's 9th Ward. Marines arrived in parts of NYC this past weekend to help disaster victims. You can read about it here:

  • Speaking of Sandy, nearly a week after Sandy struck the East Coast, more than 700,000 people and businesses in the NYC area are still without power (in previous posts we reported on the 40 or more generators that were standing idle in NYC as recently as this past Saturday. As one resident of the Rockaways yelled at Mayor Bloomberg yesterday: "When are we gonna get some help?" Larry Gold, 61, whose oxygen tank needs power to work, said "I need power to breathe."
  • One of the biggest problems facing New Yorkers now is housing. There's just not enough to take care of Sandy survivors who have been displaced. As of today, 40,000 + NYC residents remain displaced.
  • Speaking of the Marines, over 500 retired military officers, including retired Generals, have come out in support of Romney. Most polls show Romney has about 70% of support of the military. That tells me one thing: our military no longer trusts their Commander in Chief. Washington Times