Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Obama: Four More Tears?; All The Oval Office Needs is a Leader: That's Romney; Let Troops Vote by Email; Black Panther Thugs are Back; Remember Benghazi

Atlantic City Faces Long Recovery Before It Can Start Destroying Lives Again...The Onion

  • Remember, F--k the polls, it's all about turnout today.
  • "Four More Tears." I wish I can take credit for that headline, but I can't. It's on Drudge right now. All I did was add the ?. I believe that headline should be used tomorrow if Obama wins.
  • NY Post, as usual, has a great headline. It has a photo of the Oval Office. The headline says: "All This Office Needs Is A Leader: America Must Elect Romney Today."
  • NJ residents displaced by Sandy can vote via email. I have no idea how secure that is, but I felt compelled to Tweet yesterday something like this: if NY residents can vote by email, then why can't our troops considering all the problems associated with getting their ballots in on time. That Tweet took off like a cat on a hot tin roof. I never experienced so many retweets on anything I've Tweeted before as I did on that one. In fact, The Hill is now reporting that thousands of ballots are unlikely to reach our overseas troops in time.

  • Speaking of voting, I already voted for Romney this morning. But news is now coming out of Philadelphia that the New Black Panther thugs and cowards are back at some polling places. I only have one question: Where are you Eric Holder?
  • If conservatives come out as they did in 2010 and then countering the Left's Chick-fil-A's boycott, Romney should win.
  • According to Real Clear Politics, Obama's last campaign appearance last night was to a half-empty arena in Ohio.

  • Bill Clinton uttered a strange line in a speech he gave yesterday allegedly in support of Obama: "Who wants a president who will lie to you?" he asked.
  • Right now, Gannet News is reporting Romney has a 92,000 edge over Obama in early voting in Ohio.
  • Remember folks, Republicans tend to vote early and later because they have to go to work.
  • Also, if it's not close, their cheating won't help them.
  • One guy just Tweeted: I waited two hours to vote until I found out I was at a gas station.