Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Obama: Style Won Over Substance & Reason; Observations: Revenge Can Be Sweet, But It Can Also Be Bitter; Republicans: It's Time To Throw Out The Trash; And Chris Mathews Is Still An Asshole

"Hey, Don't Blame Me. I Voted For The Old White Guy And Hot Chick Last Time" Poster

  • When I watched Democrats and Liberals cheering last night, it reminded me of a group of people standing around a swimming pool watching swimmers drowning instead of rescuing them.
  • It's clear to me that style and popularity won over substance and reason last night.  How can one reconcile these dilemmas or facts: a majority of Americans believe we've been on the wrong track (52% in most recent polls). Romney led Obama in every poll when it came to handling the economy and the deficit. Twenty-three million unemployed and marginally employed. African-American unemployment at 14.3% (U-6 rate much higher). One in two college grads unable to find work and unable to pay back their college loans. Four straight years of $1T deficits. Forty eight million people on food stamps. Poverty highest in 4 decades.  So on and so on. If Obama was anyone else, especially a Republican, he would have been toast last night.

So now it comes down to my observations:

  • Whatever you say about Romney, he ran an honorable race. Same cannot be said for Obama. In fact, Romney did not disappoint me, many Americans did.
  • The good news: when you look at the post election map, it's still very Red. Republicans can see clearly where the next battles need to be waged.
  • As of now, the Dow is down 200 pts. Sending America a message?
  • Conservatives have to stop relying on the garbage Republican establishment types keep feeding them. Almost every single Republican pundit--from Rove to Morris to Hewitt--got it wrong---got it bad wrong.
  • Republicans: it's time to throw out the trash.
  • Republicans need to grow some brass ones. Whatever one might say about Democrats, they know how to fight. They follow the old adage: when someone brings a knife to a fight; they bring the big guns.
  • When a liberal brings up the race card, shove down their throat. Pres. Obama could not have won in 2008 and 2012 without the white vote.
  • If there is any blame to be placed on Romney for losing, I'll go with two points: He didn't fare well this summer in pushing back the Bain and wealthy hits. And he should have brought up Benghazi.
  • Revenge can be sweet, but it can also be bitter.
  • I wonder if Castro, Chavez and Putin called Obama to congratulate him (Well, it is all about flexibility don't you know).
  • The Polls were relatively accurate.
  • Obama does not have a mandate. The results were a narrow vote of confidence.
  • Benghazi will continue to haunt Obama.
  • Obama's support dropped among those under 30.
  • Those who have been really hammered by the Obama economy still supported him (they fell for the style over substance AGAIN).
  • Late voters went to Obama.
  • I wrote last week that as soon as this election was over, the media would be focusing on the coming "fiscal cliff." It's already started.
  • What happens when the takers overpower the producers?
  • Obama voters: don't ask the producers for charity. The well is dry.
  • 80% of women voters chose their candidate BEFORE the debates.
  • Thousands of Hurricane Sandy victims still need help.
  • Only 23% of Americans said their personal finances are getting better. The other 72% are screwed. Rasmussen
  • Republicans: you need a better House Speaker. Boehner has been useless.
  • Regarding Christie (whom I still like TO A DEGREE), a Tweet said it best: "Now that Obama is done with you, he'll kick you out the door like a cheap one night stand without the courtesy of cab fare." Brian
Obama just got a second chance. And we'll all be watching how he will use it.

But I can't end this post today without a quote from that nitwit Chris Mathews: "I'm so glad we had the storm last week because I think the storm was one of those things. No, politically, I should say. Not in terms of hurting people.  The storm brought in possibilities for good politics."