Thursday, November 8, 2012

Republican Challenge: The Elephant in the Room;Can Anyone Trust Harry Reid?; FEMA Closes Office Because of Storm

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  • Before I begin, there is a presidential announcement of considerable consequence. I doubt many Americans even heard about it. At the Alaska Zoo, Ahpun, a polar bear, fended off a spirited campaign by Denali, the gray wolf. Ahpun was elected president of the zoo. According to zoo officials, "It was paw to paw." Alaska
  • Over the next weeks, months and years, Republicans will be autopsying yet another presidential election loss. Let's be frank here: Republicans were handed this election on a platter. With perhaps the exception of Jimmy Carter, they faced an incumbent with one of the worst records in modern American history. And they still lost.
  • The usual pundits will be blaming Romney, Ryan, campaign staff, and more. But all of those were a small part of the problem in my opinion. The big part of the problem is the "elephant in the room." It comes down to demographics. In fact, Newt Gingrich said this week: "Republicans are going to have to take a very serious look at what happened and why it happened and why we not more competitive at the presidential level." While he's part of the Republican establishment, largely responsible for the party's poor showing, he makes a good point.
  • The other reason, as I believe Rush said yesterday, it's hard to beat Santa Claus.

  • One of those demographics are Hispanics. For the first time, Hispanics reached a double-digit portion of the turnout (10%). In other words, Republicans better start responding to the conspicuous demographic changes occurring in America. If they don't, they will be the minority party for a long time to come (for example, as evidenced by this election, if they fail to win states like Pennsylvania, Ohio and several others in future elections, America will not have a Republican president for quite some time. In fact, as one observer put it, demographics are trumping ideology). It's time for the Republican Party to look more like the Party of Lincoln.
  • There is some good news for the Republican Party. The post election map is largely Red (viewing a map of all the nation's counties).
  • Having said that, I know at least half the country has a lot of skepticism that Obama can handle all of the nation's problems (a majority of Americans feel we're on the wrong track according to most polls taken in the last few years).  And the problems are many. The "fiscal cliff" is looming. We're talking over $600B in taxes according to the Congressional Budget Office (the stimulus program was about $800B). Unemployment still remains a major problem.  The overall miserable state of the economy will continue to haunt the administration (just today, McDonald's announced sales dropped for the first time in a decade). In addition, the global challenges are monumental from the Muslim Brotherhood's rise in the Middle East to al-Qaeda's resurgence in North Africa to Iran's nuke program to the economic crisis in Europe. It's a full plate for any president. If his previous four years are used as a benchmark, many doubt Obama can handle these challenges.
  • And then there's Benghazi and the Fast and Furious scandals.
  • I noticed an interesting phenomena at the Obama networks yesterday (especially MSNBC, ABC, NBC and CBS). While they talked about his victory, no one talked about his horrific record for the past four years.

  • Last week, Sen. Harry Reid, the Senate's loon, said he wouldn't be able to work with Romney if Romney was elected.  Now, he says he'll be conciliatory. Don't believe this prick. He's held up almost every single significant Republican bill--including many jobs bills--in the last 4 years. He's also held up the Senate publishing a federal budget for 4 years. The guy is a skunk.
  • Someone explain to me why the Obama administration is not being taken to task for its lousy response to Hurricane Sandy victims. How bad? Yesterday, FEMA closed its offices due to the approaching Nor Easter. Say what? WTF? Can you imagine if Bush was president now? We would not hear the end of this.
  • Employers are already announcing they will need to reduce employee work hours to avoid ObamaCare mandates. Another employer told CBS News in Vegas, he had to let go 22 employees after Obama won because of the ObamaCare mandates.  In fact, last week, Michelle Malkin wrote a piece about all the impending layoffs in the coming weeks and months. CEO's and small business owners know they cannot afford the looming taxes and fees coming down the road.