Friday, November 9, 2012

Two Days After Obama Win: Fiscal Cliff; Mass Layoffs, Stock Market Down, Gas Rationing...; Will Administration & Congress Listen To Us?; Republicans Needs To Energize Their Base & Expand Their Appeal; #Sandy Is Obama's Katrina But Not Being Reported; Veterans Day

To paraphrase Greg Gutfeld of The Five the day after the election: "I'm moving to a foreign country. I'm moving to Texas."

  • "In a world of children, Santa Claus will always win." Sent to me by a friend after the election.
  • "U.S. Businesses Worry They Can't Compete." That's the headline in USA TODAY, and it got me thinking. Only two days after the election, and we're already witnessing the Market tanking, gas rationing and layoffs being announced. Of course, some of this cannot be attributed to the Obama administration. The mess in Europe is also affecting our markets.
  • But the Obama administration can be blamed (why not, Obama inherited it) for the lack of confidence in the business sector.  The "Fiscal Cliff" is quickly approaching.  Taxes and regulations place American companies at a major disadvantage when it comes of global competitiveness.  And layoffs and planned layoffs are just one side effect.  Two weeks ago, the Department of Labor, announced employers issued over 1,300 "mass layoff actions." Those affect companies with 50 employees or more. It's estimated that at least 50 major companies will be laying employees off soon. These include Stryker, ING, Boeing, and Westinghouse. The Daily Job Cut and Layoff News reported the following:  Today about 10 companies will be laying off almost 3,000 employees. Yesterday, twenty-three companies let employees go. And the day before, more than 25 did affecting thousands. Get the picture?
  • So this is the question I have for the Obama administration and Congress. Businesses are telling you exactly what the problems are, why are you NOT listening? Among many, they are telling the government we need to avoid the "fiscal cliff." (will increases taxes by over $6 billion); we need to lower corporate taxes (the highest among industrialized countries at 35% fed rate); and eliminate burdensome regulations (the U.S. has enacted over 2000 regulations on businesses in the last 3 decade).
  • According to the World Economic Forum, the U.S. is currently ranked 140 out of 144 other countries when it comes balancing our budget as a percentage of our GDP. We're ranked 103 globally when it comes to total tax rates, percentage of profits.
  • When the Princeton Survey Research Associates asked: How much emergency living expense savings do you have?, they found the following: 48% said less than 3 months. 20% responded they have 3-6 months and 29% reported they have more than 6 months saved.

  • Yesterday I wrote about the elephant in the room that Republicans appear to be ignoring, namely demographics. I think, in the coming months and years, Republicans need to focus on energizing their base and expanding their appeal to Hispanics, younger women, younger voters and Asians. As Henry Olson of the American Enterprise Institute wrote recently, "Talk less about how much we will cut and more about what we will do with the programs we support." Keep in mind, every survey and poll shows conservatives outnumber liberals by a factor of 2-1 nationally. The mission for Republicans should be to simply: Reach Out.
  • #Sandy is starting to look like Obama's Katrina. And, in the middle of all, this including the battle over the impending fiscal cliff, Pres. Obama decided to take an overseas trip. Still leading from behind. This is Obama's 9th Ward but the presstitutes, as usual, are giving the president cover. There are still places in the New York area that have not seen the Red Cross or FEMA.  And amost 300,000 are still without power in New Jersey.
  • Remember Benghazi!!!
  • If you see any veterans this weekend say Thank You. They will appreciate it.