Monday, November 12, 2012

Philadelphia Reporting Romney Received Zero Votes; Didn't Take Long For Another Scandal To Erupt; Dems Willing To Take Country Off Fiscal Cliff; Presstitutes Not Reporting on Obama's 9th Wards

Pres. Obama easily won his home state of Illinois. In fact, in Chicago, Obama received 120% of vote....Leno

  • I'm still not certain how much voter fraud there was out there in this election. But reports are trickling out that appear to suggest there was a lot. For example, Philadelphia media is reporting that Romney received ZERO votes in 59 Philadelphia voting divisions. It's no surprise that Philadelphia is a very blue city, but zero votes? Impossible and points to voter fraud. If you recall, ACORN (a Democrat and Progressive cesspool), was involved in many cases of voter fraud.

  • Well, under this administration, it didn't take long for yet another scandal to unfold. This one---Gen. Petraeus' affair---follows Benghazi. And the significance of both is this in my opinion: What dots will start being connected? Not only is there a CIA involvement, but now we have the FBI involved. And breaking in the last two days, there's yet another women entangled in this soap opera by the name of Jill Kelly. As of this report, there is no evidence she had an affair with Petraeus.  It's best to watch how this unravels. Like Benghazi, there are a lot of questions that need answered. It's much to early to speculate.
  • For those who always blame Republicans for  being obstructionist, you need to know that claim is often absurd (for example, Democrats blamed Republicans for being obstructionist during Obama's first term, when the facts were Dems controlled all branches of government from 2008 to 2010). Now with the fiscal cliff looming over taxes and spending, the Democrats and their enablers in the press want Americans to believe its Republicans who will block the process. This weekend, Sen. Patty Murray (D-Washington State), said her party is willing to sink the economy if Republicans do not agree to taxing the rich---those making over $200-250k a year. Yes, they consider those Americans rich. NY Post
  • And last week, the Market clearly expressed its opinion that they are skeptical that there will be any compromise. The Market was off over 400 points in the three days after the election. Historically, markets respond better after an election. No this time.
  • The Presstitutes and Dems want Americans to believe Obama got a mandate. He did not.

  • If you recall, New York's Mayor Bloomberg wanted the NYC Marathon to still be held just days after Sandy came ashore and thousands of Americans were still displaced. He was convinced to cancel the event, but some interesting news broke today regarding the Marathon organizers.  They routinely proclaim how much money they give to charity. Well, it's not much relative to their revenue. For example,  in 2011, they collected over $53 million.  And they gave less than 1/2 mil to charity. In fact, the salary of their CEO, Mary Wittenberg, is more than what was given to charity. She clocks in at just over $500k a year. NY Post
  • According to reports, FEMA is sending a lot of "liaisons" into the hardest hit areas of NYC, but few rescue workers. Sandy is Obama's Katrina, but you will never read that in the knee pad media.
  • As in every post election autopsy, the Republicans are starting to do a self-examination. As I wrote last week, demographics will certainly play a key role in the Party's future. Having said that, they also have to be careful of over-analyzing. Romney lost by less than 3 million votes. Every incumbent starts out with at least a 10 pt. advantage. Historically, it's been tough to unseat an incumbent. And while Republicans and conservatives need to find ways to make themselves more attractive to younger voters, Hispanics and women, I'd be careful about over-correcting. For example, regarding Hispanics, maybe it's not that they don't like Republicans. Maybe it all about Hispanics thinking Republicans don't like them.