Monday, November 12, 2012

My Fiction Novel: "Taking Down The Company Man: How The FBI Blackmailed The CIA."

As I was listening to one of the talk-show pundits this evening regarding the Petraeus affair, he gave me an idea that I think I will steal (why not? He's the one talking over the airwaves putting it out there).

My idea is to write a fiction novel about the director of the CIA who is blackmailed by the FBI (Again, this is purely fiction. That's for any CIA or FBI types monitoring my posts).  I'll call it, "Taking Down The Company Man: How The FBI Blackmailed The CIA."

The plot involves the FBI telling the CIA director they know he's having an affair. They know because---well---they've been monitoring his emails and the emails of his mistress. But, they do nothing at the time. After all, the man is the director of the CIA, one of the most powerful individuals in government.

Then, several months go by, and one of our foreign missions is attacked by terrorists. The president and his administration, including the State Department, tell the American people that the attack on this particular foreign consulate was the result of insurgents who were angry at some fool who produced an anti-Muslim film (Well, not really a film per see, a 14 minute trailer to a film no one has ever seen).

Anyway, the time arrives for the Director of the CIA to give his testimony to the Congressional Intelligence Committee regarding the attack on our embassy in this foreign country. The CIA director and the state department knew, prior to the attack on this embassy, security personnel had been warning the administration and state department that things were getting a tad dangerous. There had been attacks on this particular embassy in the months prior to the main attack that coincidentally took place on the anniversary of 9/11. In fact, the security personnel on the ground requested additional security, but they were denied---repeatedly.

But, before the director of the CIA is to give his testimony to the Congressional Committee about the attack on the embassy, the FBI reminds the director they have the information about his affair. He's told to tow the company line. In other words, he's told to say the attack on the embassy was the result of this anti-Muslim film and it was spontaneous, even though he knows that's not true (Again, I need to remind you this is pure fiction).

So the director of the CIA, having been a highly decorated and senior soldier in his prior life, tows the company line. He tells the committee the attack was a response to the anti-Muslim film (that hardly anyone even viewed including the attackers) and it was spontaneous not planned by any terrorist organization like al-Qaeda.

But shortly thereafter, the proverbial shit hits the fan. It begins to appear the administration and the State Department were not entirely honest about why the embassy was attacked.

After several months go by, the CIA Director has to provide additional testimony to the intelligence committee because of all the new facts that have emerged since his initial presentation to the committee. In other words, the CIA Director now knows the attack on the embassy was not the result of the anti-Muslim film nor was it spontaneous.

Suddenly---out of nowhere--- and prior to giving his testimony, reports are leaked to the press that the CIA Director was having an affair. It results in a major scandal. He "suddenly" resigns. He will be unable to give his scheduled testimony. How can he? His credibility is now suspect.

I have a suspicion that this would make a great fiction novel for some enterprising author. Of course, this could never happen in real life. Who would believe it?