Friday, November 23, 2012

The Big Myth: Republicans & Conservatives Lack Diversity; The Myth Of Arab Spring Constinues As Egypt Erupts Today; Remember Benghazi; Black Friday And What It Means

Calm Sense Of Impending Violence Returns To Middle East As Ceasefire Brokered...The Onion

  • I've never been a Republican. In fact, I've described myself as a Reagan Democrat. But I am now a registered Independent. Having that point out of the way, one of the biggest myths  coming from the presstitutes, progressives and many Democrats is the absurd charge that Republicans and conservatives lack diversity. Sexism and racism are the common refrains against conservatives coming from progressives. In fact, it was part of the Democrat strategy in this past election cycle (that lunatic, Chris Mathews of MSNBC, actually said using "Chicago" in explaining Democrat politics was a racially coded word. And Lawrence O'Donnel, another MSNBC dummy, actually said referring to Obam's frequent golf outings was a racist knock). The narrative of Republican's lack of diversity was true in early times, but it's false today. It's even more ludicrous when one looks at the current leadership of the Democrat Party. Pelosi heads the House; Harry Reid the Senate. It does not get whiter than those two nitwits. And, yes, the same can be said for Republican leadership. But let's review recent history including the rising leadership in both parties.

  • Republicans appointed the first black Secretary of State in Colin Powell. Republicans appointed the first black female Secretary of State in Condi Rice. In the last election, Herman Cain had a pretty good run. Justice Clarence Thomas, a conservative, is the only black sitting Justice on the Supreme Court.
  • The emerging leadership in the Republican Party today includes, but is not limited to,  Marco Rubio, a Cuban American. It also includes Mia Love, a black female conservative. Bobby Jindal, governor of LA, is the first governor of any state of Indian heritage. Nikki Haley, current Governor of South Carolina is the first female governor of any state of Indian heritage. Incoming Texas Senator, Ted Cruz, is also a Cuban American. Susana Martinez is the current governor of New Mexico. And there are many others including Allen West, Tim Scott and Michael Steele, all three leading African American conservatives. 

  • Well, it didn't take long for the Myth of the Arab Spring to raise its ugly head again. After a tenuous cease fire was called between Hamas and Israel, Egypt's President Mohammed Morsi (image above), who was given credit for brokering the peace, essentially declared himself dictator of Egypt.  This weekend he said any and all of his decisions are not subject to appeal by Egyptian courts. So what's occurring during this Arab Spring? Egypt today is erupting in riots.
  • By the way, since the Islamic world now feels empowered after the Hamas-Israeli confrontations, keep your eyes on Hezbollah in Lebanon. They are better trained. Iran has been sending them better arms including more sophisticated missiles and missile technology. NY Post

  • Regarding the ongoing Benghazi scandal. All you need to know is this: The ambassador and his security team recognized the impending danger PRIOR to the 9/11 attack (The Brits closed their embassy several months earlier due to the danger and attacks that occurred that summer). They asked for more assistance and they were denied. As a direct result of the denial of that additional security, they lost their lives (and they asked for assistance as they were being attacked. It never came). This was a massive security breakdown. Pres. Obama has not responded to 13 requests by Congress regarding this scandal.
  • My definition of Black Friday: crowds trampling one another to get into a store to buy cheap Chinese sh!t.