Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Obama's Legacy: A Thanksgiving on Food Stamps;Hamas Celebrates Bus Bomb Blast in Tel Aviv; Hamas' Pornography of Grief

Nation's Uncles Enter Last Stage of Prep For Thursday's Thanksgiving Dinner...The Onion

  • Breaking news in U.S. News and World Report this morning: "More Americans Will Use Food Stamps  For Thanksgiving This Year Than Ever Before." The Obama Legacy continues. This Thanksgiving over 42 million Americans will be on food stamps.  The number of recipients on food stamps has increased 70% in just the last 5 years. The cost to taxpayers is approximately $72 billion in 2011. At least, those in real need, will be thankful I'm sure. I just hope they are thankful to the American people not to Congress or the administration.
  • First time unemployment claims dropped slightly to 410,000. But last week's claims were re-adjusted up (as they always are) to 451,000.

  • As Americans celebrate Thanksgiving, let's not forget the hourly danger Israelis face daily. Today, terrorist set off a bomb on a bus in Tel Aviv wounding at least 10 people, some very seriously (bombs going off in enclosed places cause unspeakable trauma from blown out ear drums, to concussions to shrapnel wounds. It's ugly).  The number of injured will increase. Yesterday over 150 rockets fell on Israel. There were celebrations in the Middle East today. Hamas was celebrating the bus bomb blast. Reuters News

  • But Hamas is not only cruel and unusual to Israelis, they do the same to their own. Yesterday, Hamas thugs executed 6 of their own for allegedly being spy's. They dragged one body through the streets (above). As Charles Krauthammer said yesterday, "Hamas is very adept at the pornography of grief."
  • For those that don't know the history of what is going on in Israel today, you need to know that Israel was very tolerant prior to responding to the Hamas rocket attacks (some say too tolerant). Before Israel decided to strike back at Hamas, it was bombarded by hundreds of rockets and missiles. Those rockets hit schools, apartment buildings, homes, streets and more. The Hamas charter calls for wiping out Israel. Israel is fighting for its very existence.
  • Hamas has broken every cease fire.
  • How bias is the media toward Israel? MSNBC reporter, Ayman Mohyeldin, said the U.S. should "reign in" Israel.
  • But then again, MSNBC still has this fake, phony and fraud on staff:

  • Don't you find it interesting that the Left hammered Bush for going into Iraq yet they embrace terrorist thugs?
  • You probably never heard of Richard Wolffe. He's a head honcho at MSNBC (that's why you probably never heard of him since their ratings suck). He said Republicans are on a witch hunt against "People of Color." (Anytime anyone uses the phrase "People of Color," you know they're a dick). This charge is coming from a network executive where most of their on-air personalities are old white guys. In addition, most newsrooms in America are lilly white. Hypocrites on parade again.

On this Thanksgiving be thankful for family, for living in the best nation on earth and don't forget our troops especially those in combat areas.