Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Iron Dome: Reagan's Star Wars Program Vindicated; CBS Reporting DNI Scrubbed Talking Points; Progressive Hypocrisy: The Democrats Charinging Republicans With Being Sexist & Racist For Criticizing Susan Rice

Obama: I Will Allow 10 States To Secede But No More...The Onion

  • I love referring to the satire of The Onion because that's where the main stream presstitutes now get all their news.
  • There's a lot of talk about this impending "fiscal cliff." For most Americans, the fiscal cliff came into view in January of 2009 when Pres. Obama took the oath of office.

  • News is now breaking by CBS that the Director of National Intelligence scrubbed the reference to al-Qaeda in Susan Rice's talking points. Just developing.
  • Those of us old enough to remember---during Ronald Reagan's advocacy for a Star Wars missile defense system---he was bashed for pursuing such systems. I have a feeling the Israelis are very happy he did considering the Iron Dome is now saving thousands of Israeli lives as Hamas  continues to dump hundreds of non-guidance rockets on their heads.
  • Before Israelis return fire, they drop leaflets over Gaza warning they will respond. The only warning Israelis have is a 15 second "Red Alert" siren to find shelter. Imagine what Israeli families have been going through for years now. For example, you might be at work and your family is at home during one of these alerts. Or your child is at school while your at work and a siren starts wailing. Try living under those conditions--for a day.

  • Islamists have been raining rockets and missiles into Israel for over 10 years now. Those thugs responsible include, but have not been limited to, Hams, Fatah, Islamic Jihad, Army of Islam, and Force 17. In the ten years, Israelis have been hammered by over 12,000 rockets and missiles. Wikipedia
  • BB Netanjahu just announced Israel would be a willing partner in any cease fire. One little problem: Hamas never honored cease fires.
  • Anti Israeli protesters are popping up everywhere. These are people who support Hamas and other terrorists. They support people who believe in honor killings (like murdering their own children) and murdering gays (like stoning them).
  • Oh, one more itsy-bitsy problem: Hamas' charter calls for the annihilation of Israel.
  • Many Democrats and the Left are now charging Republicans and the Right for being racist and sexist for criticizing Susan Rice and her testimony regarding Benghazi (she towed the administration's false narrative in her testimony by testifying the attack was "spontaneous" and a response to the non-existent anti-Muslim film). These Democrats and Lefties conveniently forget they criticized Condi Rice for 8 years. So were they racist and sexist then?
  • There's only one reason the Left continues to make these bogus charges: to keep their base riled up.
  • Newsbusters is reporting that MSNBC did not report any negative stories about Obama in last week of the campaign nor did they report any positive stories about Romney. This news should surprise no one.

  • As the Harry Reid Senate continues to enter their fourth year without a federal budget, it's being reported now that a proposed law slated for a vote next week will allow the feds to read our emails without warrants. I guess they call that transparency. CNet