Wednesday, December 19, 2012

#Benghazi Report Blasts State Department Incompetence; Anti-Gun Reactionaries Neglect The Three-Legged Stool re: Gun Violence; Slo Joe Biden To Be Appointed To Spearhead Gun Violence Discussions; Sandy Money Full of Pork

For Six Weeks Hillary Clinton Will Be In An Orthopedic Pants Suit (re: her recent fall)...Letterman

  • And unclassified version of the report re: the attack on our consulate in Benghazi found serious bureaucratic mismanagement and inadequate security (gee, what a bunch of geniuses to figure that one out. Information that was available just hours after the attack yet we were told otherwise by the White House and the State Department).
  • Specifically, the report found, "Systematic failures and leadership and management deficiencies..." These, according to the report, pointed to inadequate security at the mission (the State Department had been given reports by those on the ground months earlier regarding this very issue).
  • The report also contradicted all of the initial claims by the Obama administration, e.g. it was spontaneous; it was the result of a reaction to the anti-Muslim film, etc.
  • Now, this is where the coverup takes place. In spite of these disgraceful and disturbing findings, the panel found no one directly responsible for those failures. In other words, as one headline stated so well, "The Buck Stops...Nowhere."
  • Hillary Clinton, Sect. of State, was to have testified to the panel yesterday. She cancelled due to a "concussion" sustained by a fall last week.
  • As the nation struggles with what to do with gun violence (Chicago had 400 homicides this year. In 2001, almost 700 children were hit by gunfire, all from illegal gun use. NPR), the anti-gun activists continue to neglect to report on the Three Legged Stool. In short, gun violence is not only specific to the use of illegal weapons. If we're to have any meaningful discussion about gun violence, we need to also discuss the environment and the individuals responsible. But the so-called anti-gun folks keep focusing on the gun.
  • As I wrote yesterday, serious consideration must also be given to mental health (but we also have to be careful not to demonize those with mental health issues. A vast majority of individuals with mental health problems are likely to be victims themselves). Nevertheless, when it comes to many of the mass rampage killings in recent years, it's clear those individuals had serious mental health issues. And that also must be addressed.

  • In addition to the guns and the individual, we also need to address the environment. Specifically, does the culture of violence exhibited by Hollywood and video games also have an effect.  For example, we are now seeing reports that Adam Lanza spent countless hours in his basement playing violent video games. He appears to have been enthralled with shoot-em-up video games like "Call of Duty." We've also heard reports that his mother taught him to shoot guns. Was that a responsible act based on what we've heard reported about his mental state? (and I'm not referring to his Aspergers. While individuals with Aspergers and Autism can be aggressive and sometimes violent, serious crimes among this population are rare). In addition, one would also have to assume or speculate that she did not secure those guns well if at all. NY Post
  • Unless all the three legs of the stool are given consideration, all the gun laws in the world will not be effective in reconciling events like the one that occurred in Connecticut last week.
  • And the anti-gun activists still cannot come up with a good answer as to why crime is lower in those municipalities that allow LEGAL gun carry.

  • NBC is reporting that Pres. Obama will appoint Slo Joe Biden to spearhead discussions on gun violence. This is the same man who Obama appointed to head the stimulus program. We see where that got us.
  • By the way, Joe Lieberman had it right. The president should appoint a commission on "violence" rather than on gun violence alone. After all, we just have to look at the violence taking place in most of our urban areas on a daily basis.
  • In the "Politicians Just Can't Help Themselves" file, it was reported this week that funding aid for Sandy victims is full of pork. There's money in there for Alaskan fisheries ($150M), another $50M for tree planting (Yep, there are a lot of trees on NJ beaches) and more.