Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Real Reason Hillary Clinton Got A Pass In The Benghazi Report; Slo Joe Biden Officially Placed In Charge Of Gun Control Taskforce; Regardless of Fiscal Cliff Outcome: Everyone Will Still Be Screwed; 1 Million More On Food Stamps

This (picking the fake, phony and back-stabbing fraud, J.F.Kerry as Sect. of words) is a very strategic move when it comes to foreign policy. Obama plans on using Kerry to bore our enemies to death...Leno

  • As reported yesterday, the Accountability Review Board found systemic failures in leadership and management in the State Department regarding the attack on our embassy in Benghazi (the report added nothing to what we already knew). Hillary Clinton is in charge of the State Department. Yet, she was NOT held accountable (In fact, she did not attend her scheduled testimony on Tuesday because she's still allegedly ill). And Rep. Darrell Issa was correct when he said yesterday, "What it (the report) says is there are huge management problems at State." If she worked in the private sector, she's be out on her ass today.
  • Another important conclusion from this report was conspicuous: It could have been prevented.
  • There is some good news. Several staff at State resigned yesterday. Charlene Lamb, who was deputy assistant secretary for embassy security at the time of the attack, also resigned. She's the one who testified: "We had the correct number of assets in Benghazi at the time." She was either lying or totally incompetent as we now know the facts.
  • But there is a reason why Hillary is skating (so far anyway). The fix is in for her to run for president in 2016. It's that simple. It's the real ugly part of politics.

  • As also reported her yesterday, Slo Joe Biden was being considered to head the gun-control task force. I was laughing at the news yesterday because I thought it was a goof on the American people. But it turned out to be true. At first, I was a tad nervous having this bozo in charge of such an important (and bogus) task force. But, after some consideration, my anxiety was mitigated because of one reason: he's failed at almost every charge he's been given by the president, e.g. supervising the stimulus program, supervising the green initiatives, etc. So now  I've come to this conclusion: The 2nd Amendment is perfectly safe.
  • Memo to Bloomberg:  If you're so concerned about legal gun owners being armed, then why don't you disarm you armed security personnel today. You're a friggin hypocrite.
  • Let me see if I understand this: The Obama administration sends over 2000 guns to the Mexican cartels. It sends F-16's to Egypt or the Muslim Brotherhood. It sends arms to Syrian rebels. But it wants to curtail gun ownership in the United States? WTF?
  • I don't know about anyone else, but I'm sick and tired of this fiscal cliff nonsense. All of these negotiations are merely a dog and pony show. No matter the outcome, taxpayers are still going to be screwed.
  • First time unemployment claims rose 17,000 to 361K last week (that will be revised up, it always is). And the USDA reported there are 1 million Americans on food stamps.
  • The world is ending tomorrow, so all of the above does not matter anyway. Anyone know if it's still casual Friday tomorrow?