Friday, December 21, 2012

Do Republicans Have Any Clout Left Anymore?; America Wakes Up Each Morning And Has A Bowl of Stupid; Hillary's Immaculate Concussion; Assault on 2nd Amendment Continues; Marine Jon Hammar To Be Released Today

Man Freely Smoking Pot In Washington Literally Has No Issue He Feels Strongly About Anymore...The Onion

  • Well, Rep. Boehner had a plan. He called it "Plan B." He should have called it "A Plan That Has No Chance In Hell Of Passing." His plan was so bad (and you can read the specifics of the plan on-line if you want to waste your time); he didn't even get support from members of his OWN party.
  • But let's be frank. No matter what plan he came up with; it would have been considered DOA. He was in the proverbial Catch 22 situation. No matter what he did, the presstitute media and a majority of the public would still blame Republicans for the outcome. And conservatives were asking: you were willing to step on over 3 decades of conservative values for nothing in return?  As Podhoretz wrote this morning: "This is the reality with which Boehner must deal. The Republican Party's reputation isn't good."( Although the reputation of Congress is even worse). And, as Gallup is reporting today, the president's approval rating is the highest in years at about 56% (And Gallup also reported that the president even got a bump in Republican support---an increase of 7%).
  • Benghazi, Fast + Furious, high unemployment, record number of Americans in poverty and food stamps, $16T+ debt, four straight years of budget deficits (with fourth year of no federal budget), tax increases, ObamaCare, etc. and the president's approval ratings go up? Now you know why Republicans have a problem. The country, as we knew it, is now upside down. Yes, we are living in some type of Apocalypse---an Apocalypse of delusion and insanity. America wakes up each day and has a bowl of stupid.

  • To borrow a phrase from Laura Ingraham, Hillary Clinton had an Immaculate Concussion. It appears Hillary is now following the NFL's strict guidelines regarding concussions, conveniently right before she was to testify about Benghazi.  And she'll be able to use another excuse whenever she does testify: "I have no recollection of that."
  • The assault on the Second Amendment continues. The good news is that recent decisions by the Supreme Court and lower courts all upheld the Second Amendment. The debate now will focus on what the "scope" of the Second Amendment is (e.g., tougher criminal background checks {something I support}.  We do know this from the CDC, there is no conclusive evidence that more gun laws reduce gun violence. Regardless of what the outcome of this debate will be, don't be surprised if the anti-gun crowd starts discussing placing higher taxes on guns and ammo, exactly how they approached the use of tobacco and alcohol.
  • There is good news today. Mexico said they will be releasing former Marine Jon Hammar. Public pressure worked.