Friday, December 7, 2012

Dems & Left Now Embrace Bush Tax Cuts; Unemployment Falls to 7.7% But...; 3 Months After Attack in Benghazi + Still No Answers; Remembering Pearl Harbor

Pres. Obama met with leaders met with leaders of American Indian tribes, and they honored the president by giving him the name, "Running Deficit."...Leno

  • George W. Bush was hammered by the Dems and the Left for his tax cuts. Yet, the same people now embrace those same tax cuts for 98% of taxpayers (they want to raise taxes on those making over $200k/year).
  • 7.7% unemployment is better than 7.9% but not by much. There are two main reasons why the rate fell: about 1/2 million people have fallen off  the unemployment rolls (in other words, they are still out of work). And unemployment among government workers fell from 4.2%  to 3.8% . In addition, Investment Watch this morning is reporting the U.S. has the highest percentage of workers doing LOW wage work than any other industrialized nation. On top of that, the labor participation rate dropped yet again to 63.6%
  • USA Today Money Headline: "More U.S. Service Jobs Go Overseas." Just how many? In the last ten years alone almost 700,000. By 2016, almost 400,000 more will move overseas.
  • Another disturbing trend: there are now over 20 million government workers in the U.S (local, state and federal). Of the 146,000 jobs added last month, 35,000 were government jobs.
  • Do you realize we're just a few days short of 3 months since the attack in Benghazi, and we still have no answers from the Obama administration? For shame!!!
  • And when will Hillary Clinton testify?

  • NFL players to Bob Costas: 3 out of 4 of us own guns.
  • Smith and Wesson announced record gun sales, a 48% increase in the second quarter.

Please visit Dedicated to Heroes today where we honor the heroes of Pearl Harbor