Friday, April 12, 2013

Democrats Dis Maragaret Thatcher Even in Death; Obama Administration's Middle East Policy Continues To Crumble; Will Weiner Charge Hard?

China Announces Plans To Build International Space Prison...The Onion

  • To give you some idea how petty and malicious Democrats can be, last night they blocked a resolution to honor Margaret Thatcher. The question that should be asked---regardless of your opinion of Thatcher---why hesitate to honor a foreign politician who was one of our greatest allies? Why hesitate to honor such a historical figure, and one who had such wide-ranging global influence particularly during the Cold War? Perhaps it's because the Left (Progressives code for Socialists) just can't get over the fact that Thatcher and Reagan were largely responsible for destroying Communism. Hey, just sayin'.
  • It should be no surprise to anyone that the administration's Middle East foreign policy is in tatters (much of the blame should go to Hillary Clinton as I wrote in an early piece entitled, "The Fairy Tale That Is Hillary Clinton."). And if you need any more evidence, all you need to do is read one headline today. It's from USA Today: "Syrian Rebels Pledge Loyalty To al-Qaeda's Leader."

  • "Get this...Anythony Weiner said he's considering running for mayor of NYC. If nothing else, I'm sure he'll provide some stiff competition. C'mon! He's the total package." Fallon.
  • I was tempted to bring Weiner up again (hey, can't help it. This guy is ripe for these kinds of puns) because of the history in this country of giving sleazebags second chances. Yes, many deserve absolution and redemption but most, in my opinion, do not. Weiner is not one of them. He belongs in the line with the likes of John Edwards, Bernie Madoff, Lance Armstrong and yes even Jerry Sandusky (it was reported Weiner allegedly had contact with underage girls).  However, do not be surprised if he's not back in the saddle (oops). It's happened before. Former mayor of D.C., Marion Barry is just one classic example. However, if Weiner does rise again (I'm sorry really) perhaps there will be one good outcome. Let's hope Weiner does not ban sodas that are 12 inches or longer.