Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Gosnell Case: Does The Presstitute Media's Ideology Trump Reporting On Alleged Infanticide?; ObamaCare's Broken Promises Continue; Anthony Weiner: Erect Me Mayor

A Universal Background Check Will Never Lead To A Gun Registry Data Base, Because If You Like Your Health Insurance Plan, You Can Keep It...Tweet by Rick Wilson

  • I've often written that the bias in the media is not always about what said or written, it's also about what news is withheld or censored. Nowhere has this been in more evidence than with the recent case of abortion physician Kermit Gosnell in Philadelphia. Many in the nation might not even recognize that name, but they should considering in his clinic authorities found severed baby feet in jars and more.
  • Dr. Gosnell  (and I use his title loosely) has been accused of killing at least seven newborns and a young women at a Philadelphia clinic. He's also an abortionist.
  • According to authorities in Philadelphia (Philadelphis news agencies have reported on this scumbag), former employees said Gosnell snipped the spinal cords of babies. Another former employee testified that Gosnell taught her his "snipping" technique to use on infants who were born ALIVE. As Kirsten Powers, a USA Today contributor and Fox political analyst pointed out, the story here should be about butchering babies that were already born and were older than the state's 24-week limit for abortions. Yet, the network coverage of these horrors has been conspicuous by its absence. To date, there has been only one brief report on CNN.  And Powers also points out that a Lexis-Nexis search shows NONE of the news shows on the three major television networks has even mentioned the case.  So accusations of babies having their heads cut off does not make the news. Yet, when Rush Limbaugh criticized Sandra Fluke, it was wall-to-wall coverage on all networks. In addition, networks report on abortion restrictions on a regular basis. As the Washington Times pointed out, the story of the Rutger's coach received more news coverage than did Gosnell. In fact, Kim Kardashian's ass gets more news coverage than Gosnell.
  • So what can we conclude from the lack of reporting on these alleged murders? I don't care if you are pro-choice or pro-life. This is clearly a human rights issue. Unfortunately, It's clearly obvious that network political ideology trumps covering the slaughter of babies or let's call it what it is: infanticide.
  • The broken promises by Mr. Obama about health insurance continue. If you recall, the president promised you will be able to keep your current health insurance. We now know that is not true. In fact, USA Today reported the number of Americans without health insurance has increased. In addition, the cost of insurance continues to increase.

  • Among national newspapers, there is none better than the NY Post for its headlines. They didn't let us down with their coverage on disgraced former Rep Anthony Weinerl He now says he might run for mayor of NYC. Their headline today: "Weiner's Second Coming! Anthony: Erect Me Mr. Mayor." After he resigned in 2011 for sexting his underwear clad erection to a 21 year old female college student and seen by his 45,000 Twitter followers, the post ran the following: "Weiner Exposed." And that was followed by yet another headline after he thought he would be able to ride the storm out: "I'll Stick It Out." Pure genius.