Monday, April 15, 2013

Presstitute Media Shamed Into Covering Gosnell Case; Immigration Reform: Have Republicans Folded Again?; Is The Cold War On Again?

Report: Still Hasn't Been Enough Time To Open Restaurant Called Ben Laden's...The Onion

  • Last week, the presstitutes in the main stream media were riddled with criticism for not covering the Gosnell abortion murder case. And rightly so. Social media, especially those on Twitter, were taking the presstitutes to task as well as at least one brave reporter, Kirsten Powers, a USA TODAY contributor (the media's hypocrisy rose its ugly head yet again considering they covered the shootings of the children at Newtown non-stop--as they should have---yet when alleged infanticide took place for years, nothing but crickets).
  • It's my pleasure to point out today that even USA TODAY broke the seal of silence in their piece entitled, "Media Late To Coverage Of Abortion Doctor's Trial." My response was simply, "No sh!t, Sherlocks." (Credit where credit is due. USA TODAY did publish a piece by Powers last week entitled, "Abortion Clinic Horror Isn't Getting Attention It Needs." In addition, there were few stories posted by AP and The News Journal. In fact, Megan McArdle of the Daily Beast almost apologized when she they should have covered the story but they "didn't want to think about" the crimes that Gosnell was charged with. We heard familiar excuses from many people in WWII when Jews were being butchered). But most of these stories were not picked up by the major networks.
  • It's now being reported that the Washington Post will do stories on the Gosnell trial. This means other publications should follow.
  • I've mentioned often that I'm an immigrant myself. I have empathy for all immigrants. I've also said we already have a pathway to citizenship. It's called legal immigration. So where do I stand on the latest version of the plan proposed by the "Gang of Eight." I like some of the provisions, and I would support them. Illegal immigrants will still be required to meet specific criteria.

  • But my support ends there. And have Republicans folded again? It now appears enforcement has been placed on the back burner. In other words, the bill would allow illegal immigrants who arrived here on or before December 31, 2011, to almost immediately apply for temporary legal status. This would allow them to live and work in the United States. Then, according to the proposal, it would shift to enforcement. I view that as being ass-backwards. In other words, illegal immigrants would be granted legal status---albeit temporarily---but the borders would not have to be secured initially. I have a problem with that.
  • With the way Russia and Putin have been behaving lately, it appears the Cold War is on once again. It's been clear now that under Putin Russia is supporting N. Korea, Iran, and several of the socialist regimes in Latin America including Venezuela, Nicaragua and Bolivia just to name a few (By the way, don't be surprised if Venezuela elects another Commie puppet like Hugo).

  • Speaking of N. Korea and for those who don't know much about the country, consider these: It is estimated the little prick has up to 200,000 N Koreans in prison camps. TV sets are only tuned to government-run stations (I experienced that myself in Easter Europe several decades ago. It really sucks). Famine has taken the lives of over 2 million. The annual per-capita is $1,800.00. The country gets most of its income from exporting counterfeit drugs, narcotics, smokes and $100 U.S. bills.  And electric power is almost non-existent in the entire nation.