Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Presstitute Media's Absurd Speculations About The Boston Marathon Bombings; Rubio Clarifies Immigration Proposal

Al Qaeda Populating U.S. With Peaceful Decoy Muslims...The Onion

  • This is the kind of garbage that's been reported by the presstitute media in the last 24 hours: Boston Globe:  Explosion Looked Like Work of Domestic Terrorists. The nation's knucklehead, Chris Mathews of MSNBC, speculated the bombings may have something to do with tax day. He also said domestic terrorists tend to be on the far-right. CNN's Wolf Blitzer also parroted Mathews regarding the tax day connection. The same sort of erroneous speculation came from commentators and bloggers from the NY Times,  Huffington Post and Washington Post.
  • Allow me to remind you the same type of conjecture came from our "illustrious" media after the Times Square incident in 2010  when an alert vendor noticed smoke escaping from an SUV (later found to be done by Faisal Shahad). This incident was one of several (the shoe bomber, the Christmas Day bomber, etc.).
  • The urge and obsession of our media to blame the right-wing for these incidents knows no bounds. Their bias is so conspicuous; it's now expected they will jump to erroneous conclusions.
  • Memo to Presstitutes: Wait for the damn facts to come in. Regardless of whether it was the work of a domestic terrorist or a foreign terrorist, it was still an act of terrorism.
  • Another example of the media jumping to conclusions was apparent several weeks ago after Texas District Attorney and his wife were murdered. The immediate speculation was that it was the work of some white supremacist group. According to reports today, a former justice of the peace is a suspect now in those killings. He was convicted of theft by the two prosecutors who were later shot to death. USA TODAY

  • Yesterday it was reported that the Gang of Eight's immigration proposal would go ahead before the border is more secured. The criticism, largely coming from Republicans, is their concern about granting legal status to illegals before the border is secured. According to Sen. Rubio, the two processes will be initiated simultaneously.  Also, more border patrol agents will be added and all businesses would have to begin checking the immigration status of new hires. Homeland Security would have five years to certify that the agency is monitoring 100% of the border.