Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Progressive Presstitutes Prefer To Focus on Political Agenda Rather Than on Terrorism; Obama + Dems Dis Thatcher Yet Again

"Let's Hope The Boston Marathon Bomber Is A White Person"...Not From The Onion


  • As my regular readers know, I normally have some kind of quote from the Onion or use some Late Nite joke to start my postings.  Although one might believe the quote above is from the Onion, it's not. It's an actual serious headline from the liberal, on-line magazine Salon. Yesterday, I pointed out the absurd speculations that were emanating from largely the progressive press regarding who might be responsible for the Boston bombings. As I wrote, it was apparent many on the Left side of the political isle were hoping and wishing the bomber or bombers were Right Wing fanatics. David Sirota of Salon, the author of his piece of garbage posting, substantiates my claims. And today, yet again, MSNBC had a guest on---a Harvard prof---who said the "far right" might be responsible for the bombings. In addition, several congressional scumbuckets came out yesterday and actually blamed the sequester cuts for the bombings. They did this even though it was the Obama administration who slashed the budget for domestic bombing prevention by 45%  from 20 million under Bush to 11 million now. (Daily Mail). In fact, CNN found former congressman Barney Frank somewhere and interviewed him about the bombings. Barney actually politicized the bombings by essentially saying the government needs more taxes.

  • Let's get this straight. The focus should be on terrorism not politics. There will be plenty of time for that later. As the Boston bombings show conclusively: terrorists will continue to send us reminder this war on terror is not over.  The Israelis know this. The Brits know this. Most rational people know this. And it's much more than an al-Qaeda problem. As Michael Widlanski, a strategic advisor in Israeli's Ministry of Public Security, said recently: "The first step in fighting terror is to realize that there is a terror problem." In other words, it's not important whether these terrorists are domestic or foreign. What's important is that we continue to hunt them down and either apprehend them or kill them.

  • And to those people who tend to believe this was done by Islamist terrorists, don't feel guilty by that theorizing. The facts are these. Since 9/11/01, there are have almost 21,000 Jihad attacks world wide. Just this week alone, there were 49 resulting in 195 dead and 468 critically injured. For example, the last week in Nigeria, Islamists murdered several students by slitting their throats. This was after a recent killing spree that left six teachers dead including the principal. Nigerian Tribune. And these killings were on top of the hundreds of Christians murdered monthly world-wide by Islamist terrorists. Religion Of In fact, one has to read the foreign press to find this information. Our press rarely reports it.
  • Last week, it was reported that Dems refused to pass a resolution honoring Margaret Thatcher (It was held up by that creep, Sen. Menendez of NJ). Thankfully, they relented several days later because of pressure. This week, as the world bids a good-bye to Lady Thatcher, our government did not send any high-ranking officials to her funeral. Remember this is the same administration who removed the bust of Winston Churchill from the Oval Office within the first days of the administration taking office.  The press in Britain have expressed their surprise and disappointment at the Obama administration. They shouldn't be. We have to live with this administration 24/7. We know the nonsense they are capable of doing.