Friday, April 19, 2013

The Convergence of the Second Amendment, Immigration Reform and Terrorism; The Belsan School Hostage Crisis: 380 Died

If the second bomber is caught, he has a job waiting for him at Columbia Tweet today

  • This has been an interesting week for America. In this one week, we've seen the convergence of three debates: The debate surrounding the Second Amendment. The debate surrounding immigration. And now, in the aftermath of the Boston bombings, the debate over the war on terror.
  • With regard to the debate over the Second Amendment, how many people in the Boston area and Watertown  do you believe are very happy there are now armed personnel protecting them from an armed terror suspect? I'm confident many are.
  • With regard to the debate over illegal immigration, it's clear now we need to ensure we enforce our immigration laws and protect our borders.
  • With regard to the war on terror, as Michael Widlanski (Advisor to Israel's Ministry of Public Security) pointed out clearly earlier this week: terror never left America's shores.

  • The presstitutes in some of the the media today have been trying to "teach" Americans about Chechens. Allow me to remind you about Chechen terrorism. In September of 2004, Chechen terrorists occupied a school and held over a 1000 hostage for three days. At the end of the three day siege, 334 hostages were dead including 186 children. And some in the media are questioning whether Chechen terrorists would kill innocents at a marathon? Absurd.
  • And I'm sick and tired of these two thugs being referred to as "sweet young boys."

  • But then again, we do have several former domestic terrorists teaching our children at major universities. Kathy Boudin was a member of the Weather Underground. They were responsible for several bombings. They planned to bomb a dance at an Officer's Club at Ft. Dix. They bombed a women's rest room at the Pentagon. Those bombs included nails and metal pipes. She was part of a group of people who robbed a Brinks armored truck that left two police officers and a security guard dead. She later fled but reappeared about 10 years later driving a getaway car for some Weathermen and Black Panthers in 1981.  When the car was stopped, she exited the vehicle with her hands in the air as if to surrender. She asked the police to lower their guns. They did. When they did, her accomplices in the vehicle opened fire on the police. One officer was killed. She received a sentence of 20 to Life. She now teaches at Columbia. NY Post, Wikipedia
  • The pressure wave from an explosion can reach speeds up to 19,000 MPH. CDC + Homeland Security
  • What do you think the outcry would be if Gosnell killed animals instead of babies? Hey, just askin'.