Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Answer To America's Prosperity? Texas; MSNBC's Ratings In The Toilet; Some Main Stream Media Might Finally Be Turning Away From The Obama Adminisration

"Biggest Scandals Of The Obama Administration" #1: Obama Born...The Onion

Could Texas be the answer to America's property? Perhaps if the Obama administration followed the state's template, we wouldn't be in this mess. Let's review why as reported by the BBC:
  • Five of the fastest growing cities in America were in Texas from 2011-2012.
  • Four of the top ten metropolitan areas in the country for job growth in 2013 were in Texas.
  • Texas has a lower standard of living and that also includes housing.
  • Low taxes. In fact, Texas is one of seven states that has no personal state income tax.
  • Texas is family friendly. How friendly?  San Antonio is even home to the largest community of GAY parents. Schools are rated average and above average in many areas, e.g. 8th grade math.
  • Texas has fewer rules and regulations.

As I often do, I take quite a few shots at the media---for obvious reasons. MSNBC's current pathetic ratings reinforce my claims. Consider this. For the month of May, when we had (have) reports of one government scandal after another and terrorist attacks, MSNBC suffered double-digit drops in May. These numbers portray a network in deep sh!t. And what else can viewers expect when a major network has a whining, race-baiting prick like Al Sharpton? From the Hollywood Reporter today:

  • In the most important demographic---25 to 54---they averaged a "whopping" 175,000 viewers. More people walk through the Magic Kingdom at Disney World in 3 days.
  • Their overall average is ALMOST a whopping 540,000.  In comparison, Fox News had almost 2 million viewers in PRIME TIME alone or a growth of 17%.
But we may also be witnessing some movement on the part of the main stream media when it comes to covering the Obama administration (when they generally cover FOR him). This from USA TODAY: in their editorial: "Administration's War On Leaks Threatens Your Right To Know." (I would have added, "...your right to know THE TRUTH."). This piece comes after another one they had two weeks ago, "Quest To Plug Leaks Yields Torrent Of Abuse."

This same publication also published a piece by Rem Rieder, editor of the American Journalism Review, aptly entitled, "When Justice Is Out To Get You, There's No Justice."

And, breaking this morning by CNN, even more trouble for the administration. Eric Holder's plans to sit down with media representatives to discuss guidelines for handling investigations into leaks to the media has run into a brick wall. AP, NY Times, CNN and even the Huffington Post have declined to attend. Evidentally, Holder wanted to hold an off-the-record meeting. The press wants an on-the-record meeting. Politico plans on attending. Fox News has also been invited but it's under consideration.

Even with all of these developments, as I posted yesterday, I do not believe the MSM will ever abandon Obama. They will, however, join him in throwing more people under that bus.