Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The United States of Disability; The Obama-Christie Bromance: Behind The Boardwalk; Weiner Rising In The Polls + Says He'll Stick It Out; Holder Must Go

Family Concerned After McCain Wanders Into Syria...The Onion

  • The Social Security Administration reported today that almost 11 million Americans are now on disability. Putting these staggering and disturbing numbers in perspective, it means the number of beneficiaries on disability now exceeds the population of every state in America but seven. In fact, if disability were a state in the United States, it would rank eighth in population. Add to these forbidding numbers the 47 million on food stamps and record number of people in poverty, it makes one wonder if this is all calculated. Many think so. I'm thinking of catching that train myself.
  • In a related story, the number of New Yorkers now on Medicaid exceeds 3 million. In fact, Medicaid costs NY taxpayers $6.2 billion. Considering ObamaCare will shift millions more to Medicaid, it does not take a genius to see what's coming down the road.
  • I often write about the Obama Legacy as indicated above. His Chicago legacy is also following him. The Chicago Tribune is reporting today that homelessness among youth (12 - 21 years of age) is rising in Chicago.

  • Yesterday, Pres. Obama and Gov. Christie (NJ) did a photo op tour of the Jersey shore. Although it was an opportunity for Christie to show the country the Jersey shore is back after Hurricane Sandy, their bromance could be a film, something like the Liberace film now appearing on HBO entitled, "Behind the Candlebra." In their case, they can call the film, "Behind The Boardwalk." The fact is the photo op was all about Obama and Christie. When one reads the headlines this morning in many newspapers, very little is written about the storm's aftermath. It's all about them. At least Pres. Obama walked away with a teddy bear that Christie won for him.
  • But if the Obama-Christie bromance does not leave you wanting for more, perhaps this news will make your day. NY papers and polls are now reporting that Weiner is rising in the polls. In fact, among Democrat men, his poll numbers are now at 23%, up from 18% last month. So when Weiner said he would "stick it out," I guess he was not kidding. After all, he has a history of sticking it out.
  • Once again, you have to give it to the NY Post and their history of headline covering Anthony Weiner. Today's paper had the following headline in reaction to Weiner looking for interns: "Hide Your Kids! Sexting King Weiner Trolls For Interns." Another gem.

  • It's now very clear: Eric Holder must go. Even USA Today's guest editorial agrees. It points out this knucklehead has screwed up on so many occasions (e.g. Fast + Furious, the expansion of secret and warrantless surveillance---surpassing anything done under Bush and the abusive search of a reporter's emails and records, including the records of his parents), it's time he has to either resign or be fired. In fact, he may have also lied under oath when he testified several weeks ago, he had "no knowledge" of such actions.