Tuesday, May 28, 2013

No Sympathy For The Devil: The Main Stream Media Will Never Abandon Obama-No Longer The Guardians of Liberty + Truth

"I urge you don't stop until your depraved fantasies are realized," added Obama while pouring a large cup of wine onto Mother Jones reporter David Corn as he licked honey from the president's nipple." An Onion report on one of Pres. Obama's news conferences with the press.

  • It's been fascinating watching the outcry from some in the media regarding reports of Obama administration officials intruding into the work of some reporters at AP and Fox News (that we know of now). We're hearing stories that the media feels the administration crossed the line. We've even heard some in the media calling the government's actions abuse and violations of the First Amendment. You can hear the whining from many of the press rooms throughout the country.
  • There's only one problem with all of that: don't believe it--at least not the kvetching and moaning from the main stream media's presstitutes.
  • The main stream media are Pres. Obama's alter-ego. Michael Walsh (NY Post) said Holder is the id to Obama's massive ego. So is the media.

  • As I wrote recently, the media today are the guardians of the political class not the guardians of liberty and truth. Their fawning over Pres. Obama, Hillary Clinton and others has been a national disgrace by any measure. Walsh also indicated recently: "Where once they {media} reveled in their status as outsiders, today's media elite are now drawn from the same social class as the people they cover." As I've pointed in the past many times, these same media elite party with the political class in the beltway. They attend the same dinners, frequent the same bars and live in the same neighborhoods. And, as reported not to long ago, their relationship is also incestuous. with reporters marrying administration officials.
  • So does the lack of holding the administration to any accountability surprise you? It should not. This media has invested a lot of time and ideology to this administration. For this administration to fail, it would mean they've failed (they've certainly failed to do their job as journalists).

  • To add insult to injury, they've gone further into the realm of complete insanity. The Newseum was going to add the names of Mohamoud al-Kumi and Hussam Salama to their exhibit recently. Both worked for al-Qqsa TV, a television network designated as a terrorist organization. Both men were also designated terrorists by our own government. After some outcry, the Newseum back-tracked and said they were going to re-evaluate their decision.  The point of this story is their total lack of any core democratic values. Foundation for the Defense of Democracies.
  • So don't be fooled by this phony outcry coming from the presstitutes. As always, they will continue to encircle the wagons around this administration. As a result, and as reported recently, the main stream media will continue to shadow box against the truth---as long as it protects their savior or the main who holds the same ideology they do. They can't do otherwise. They won't commit dogmatic suicide.