Friday, May 24, 2013

The Obama Administration Continues To Flip Us The Bird Including To Journalists

Joe Biden said he spends four or five hours every day with Pres. Obama. In response, Obama said hiring that Obama impersonator was the best decision he's ever made...Conan

  • NBC reported today that Eric Holder did sign off on the search warrant for Fox News reporter James Rosen. This revelation is significant considering Holder denied he had any involvement in the seizures of AP's records. He made that denial to the House Judiciary Committee about a week ago. He also announced he had recused himself from the AP investigation.
  • Both of these events raise serious questions especially with the announcement from the White House that Eric Holder will still investigate these scandals. Say what? Remember, this is the same guy, who when questioned by the House Committee said he couldn't remember anything.
  • Just as disturbing was the announcement last week that Sarah Ingram, the woman who ran the tax-exempt office of the IRS, was promoted to run the agency's health care office. In other words, she will have oversight of ObamaCare's regulations as they relate to the IRS.
  • All of these and more (e.g, the many questions remaining regarding the Fast and Furious and  Benghazi scandals)  oblige me to ask this question: Is the Obama administration flipping us the bird?
  • One thing is certain: Pres. Obama is looking increasingly weak.
  • In fact, these revelations are so disturbing even the Washington Post's Jennifer Rubin wrote a piece making the case that Eric Holder should resign.
  • And then all of this leads to one of the most important questions not answered yet: Did Holder inform the White House of the Rosen warrants? Unfortunately, there are probably only two people that can answer that question: Obama and Holder.
  • Holder has to go.
Remember, this weekend is not about BBQ's---