Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Media: The Guardians of Liberty or Guardians Of The Political Class?

Obama Fed Grapes While Urging Press Conference To Enjoy Orgy...The Onion

  • In several previous posts I wrote about how the media's fawning over Pres. Obama was a national disgrace (In fact, I got the idea to write that piece from Michael Goodwin of the NY Post when he wrote, "For more than four years, the fawning mainstream coverage of the president has been a national disgrace. The only standard was a double standard."). In another one of my posts entitled, "The Presstitute Media's Impulse Is To Shadow-Box Against The Truth," I pointed out the media's first impulse is to either blame America or conservatives. How can anyone forget Salon's David Sirota's wishful thought after the Boston bombings when he said, "Let's hope the Boston bomber is a white American." Or the resident lunatic on MSNBC, Chris Mathews, who proclaimed, "Normally, domestic terrorists, people, tend to be on the far-right." Both assertions and others were absurd.
  • So now, after years of kissing the administration's ass, they are suddenly distressed when they are the target of the government. Of all publications, even the NY Times wrote this recently, "the Obama administration has moved beyond protecting government secrets to threatening fundamental freedoms of the press." Well, pigs do fly occasionally especially when someone starts shooting at them.

  • The fact is the press forgot what their primary reason for existence is, at least according to our Founding Fathers. They are suppose to be the guardians of our freedoms. They are suppose to guard the core values of the First Amendment that states in NO uncertain terms: "Congress shall make no law...prohibiting the free exercise therof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press..."
  • And as I've also written about the "political class" in the past, we've witnessed the media elite become part and parcel of that political class, the very people they are obligated to protect us from especially when we see any abuse of power.
  • Let's hope the press learned a lesson in the past several weeks; but, honestly, I doubt it.  They've been complicit in this administration's failures for the last four years. Do they have the cajones to now admit it?