Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Ask Yourself: Can This Administration And Congress Be Trusted To Do Anything Right?

Congress Fiercely Divided Over Completely Blank Bill That Says And Does Nothing...The Onion

Note: Since this was posted, we now know they can't be. Obamacare lies covered up by the administration, Dems and their enablers in the media. All have been complicit in this fraud.

To be fair, one can make a case that government does some things right.  For example, the FAA does a damn good job of keeping our skies safe. The CDC does outstanding work in disease prevention and research. Although broke (according to whom you ask), Social Security recipients receive their checks on time in most cases. Our interstate highway system, although in need of work in many places, is a wonder to behold.

Having said that, this is about who is running our government. It's becoming increasingly clear (for many it's been known for a long time) that this administration and much of Congress cannot be trusted to do anything right especially when it comes to administrating and to policies. Let's count the ways this current administration and Congress has failed the American people:

  • Just this week alone, we've closed many of our foreign embassies on the Middle East, issued travel alerts (more serious than advisories) and Americans were directed to leave Yemen immediately. We appear to be a country in retreat in the face of the enemy.
  • As I wrote in my previous post, our foreign policy is a mess. We've observed relationships with Russia, the Middle East, N. Africa and S. America wither on the vine.
  • Domestically, it's become increasingly clear that any reference to an economic revival is pure fiction. Not only has our economic growth been anemic, but we now have over 100 million people receiving food stamps. Folks, that's in a country of 316M people. Do the math. We're still seeing over 300M+ people applying for first time unemployment claims EACH WEEK. As the employment data showed last year, 77% of the jobs created were part-time.
  • At this point in time ObamaCare appears to be a disaster. Most Americans---in almost every poll---don't like it nor do they want it. It's so bad even the administration was forced to delay the employer mandate several weeks ago (they don't want Democrat candidates running for office having to burden themselves with this monstrosity). It's so bad unions---who were big advocates of the law two years ago---continue to seek waivers from the law.
  • But perhaps more disquieting  than even the issues above is the conspicuous urge of this administration to lie at almost every turn. We've observed this behavior when it came to the Fast and Furious scandal, the many unanswered questions surrounding the attack on our consulate in  Benghazi, the IRS probe of conservatives and NSA's eavesdropping on American citizens. Just as disturbing is the fact that no one has been held accountable for these failures.
  • To add insult to all these injuries, we have a president who appears to be disengaged. Last week, Michael Medved  even wrote: "Obama escapes Washington at every opportunity for worshipful crowds in campaign style events..." He ends his piece by referring to the administration as adrift and in decay.
  • Perhaps the late George Carlin said it best: "I have certain rules I live by. My first rule? I don't believe anything my government tells me." Native Americans learned that lesson over a century ago. Most Americans are learning that lesson today.