Monday, August 5, 2013

The Other Obama Administration's Big Failure: Foreign Policy

"Last year Obama said al-Qaeda was on the run. He was right. They're running right out of their prison cells." My Tweet this week

Note: Since this was posted several month ago, Egypt is now moving closer to Russia. Kerry's Middle East trip re: Iran is falling apart and Israel cannot trust Obama. Syria, of course, remains a mess.
  • It would be ridiculous to blame Pres. Obama and the administration for all the insanity that is currently taking place in many parts of the world especially in the Middle East and North Africa. Nevertheless,  the administration's weak, spineless, incompetent and aimless foreign policy has its consequences.  This feeble foreign policy is currently being played out with over 20 of our embassies in the Middle East. The embassies have been closed because of very credible threats.  While closing those embassies is a good move from a practical and safety standpoint (recall Benghazi); it shows, yet again, the enemy is taking the war to us. In other words, we're now on defense.
  • To make matters worse, in the last few weeks, several thousand terrorists---many al-Qaeda---have busted out of their prison cells in Iraq, Libya, and Pakistan.
  • Even Russia is showing no fear. Just last week, they granted asylum to Edward Snowden over our fierce objections. Today Iran's new president reaffirmed support for Syria's murderous dictator, Assad. And who is the only world leader who has any influence over both of those regimes? Russia's President Putin.
  • Do you recall the myth of the "Arab Spring" created by our government and its enablers in the media almost two years ago? At the time, the United States backed the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. At the time, many---like moi---voiced our concerns about using the Muslim Brotherhood as a partner. Those warnings went unheeded. We now are witnessing the consequences of that foolish policy.
  • And this failed foreign policy does not end there. We've seen arms shipments from Cuba to N. Korea (found by Panama several weeks ago).
  • It also appears Iran keeps poking us is the eye considering they are moving ahead with their own uranium enrichment capabilities.  In fact, the mullahs throughout Iran have been preaching  for years that America is the arch enemy of Islam. Iran's new president is also on record as stating, "Israel has been a wound in the body of Islam for years." You can see where he is heading.

  • Even in South America, we've seen an anti-American bloc emerge with Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador and Argentina (to be fair, many of those South American countries have despised us for decades. Recall Nixon's visit to that region. It didn't go so well).
  • The fact is the Obama administration's foreign policy has failed by ANY objective measure. For example, I wonder how many Americans know that Christians are being slaughtered throughout the Middle East. Yet, this administration utters not one word about it (If you are interested in that holocaust occurring, I refer you to Ralph Peters who wrote a piece entitled, "A Christian Catastrophe" in the NY Post last April).
  • As John Podhoretz of the Weekly Standard put it in perspective: "So here we are. Civil War in Syria. Egypt and John Kerry trying to broker a deal with Palestinians who can't deal..."
  • But should anyone be surprised by these failures? After all, these are the consequences of "leading from behind." Just as disturbing, the damage created by this mindless foreign policy will last for decades. And I haven't even touched on China.