Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Obama Lost His Legacy With His First Bow + Apology

Obama Begs U.S. Not To Embarrass Him In Front Of The French...The Onion

  • As we watch and read with what his happening in Egypt today and the rest of the Middle East and other parts of the world, I'm now convinced Obama lost his legacy on foreign policy with his first bow and apology to a foreign leader as well as to our enemy. My oft assertion that the Arab Spring was a myth created by this administration and enabling media has also been verified by events in the Middle East.
  • If you recall, in February of last year, the Obama administration apologized to the Afghans (including the enemy) for the burning of some Korans that took place on an American military base. Almost immediately after his apology, two senior U.S. military officers were murdered as well as many civilians. One commentator at the time remarked the U.S. military was clumsy in the destruction of the Korans but it was still no excuse for murder.

  • The administration's spineless and aimless foreign policy has its consequences. We're witnessing those consequences playing out now in Egypt and elsewhere. But another consequence of this incompetent foreign policy and failure in leadership is the perception of a powerless American presidency. We watched this play out several weeks ago when terrorist prisoners broke out of prison in Iraq (600), in Libya (about 1,200) and in Pakistan (250). Just last year, the recently deposed Egyptian president, Morsi, pardoned almost 600 suspected terrorists. The Obama administration backed this thug, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. Does anyone believe if America was feared when it comes to the war on terror, over 2000 terrorists would have broken out of those prisons? I don't believe it for a minute.
  • And, as I pointed out in an earlier piece, even Russia now shows no fear. Just last week, they gave Snowden asylum over the Obama administration's objections.
  • This is an administration and Congress that approved the nominations of Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense, J.F. Kerry as Secretary of State and Samantha Power as the ambassador to the UN. All three are classic progressive appeasers. In fact, several weeks ago, John Podhoretz referred to Kerry's peace talks with Israel and the Palestinians as "A whole lot of nothing."
  • This is also an administration fewer foreign leaders are even listening to anymore. We used to be a nation that was both feared and respected, the nation the global community turned to for guidance and leadership. Not anymore. Obama's speech in Cairo in 2009 was hailed as a "new beginning." It's now become clear that "new beginning" left town a long time ago.