Friday, October 4, 2013

Obama Unpresidential + His Surrogates Petulant And Uncivil

"1944: Omaha Beach. 2013: Obama Beach."...Burge Tweet

  • If you recall, immediately following the shooting of Congresswoman Giffords in January of 2011, the media presstitutes began their usual rhetoric: blaming the Right and the Tea Party for the shooting. Specifically, their targets were Palin and Bachmann. Then in the 2012 presidential campaign they pointed to the "incivility" of the rhetoric coming from the Right (does anyone ever remember Mitt Romney's uncivil rhetoric?). In fact, Pres. Obama himself declared, "I'm going to do my part to lead a constructive and civil debate..." That was immediately followed by a speech he gave where he accused Republicans of abandoning families of children with autism and Down syndrome. In fact, his own HHS said the Republican plan would make seniors "die sooner."

  • Let's jump to now. In just the recent past, Pres. Obama accused the GOP of "putting a gun to the American people's head." He followed that with accusing Republicans of threatening to "burn the house down." The arrogant petulance over Obamacare, the shutdown and the debt ceiling didn't end with the president.

  • The most miserable prick in Congress, Sen. Harry Reid, said," The American people will not be extorted by Tea Party anarchists."

  • His Botoxed cohort, Nancy Pelosi, referred to the Republicans as "legislative arsonists."
  • White House advisor Dan Pfeiffer actually likened the Republicans to someone with a "bomb strapped to their chest."
  • Earlier this week, the Washington Post---while running a piece on "civil bi-partisanship" and listing 9 ways to punish Congress for the shutdown actually suggested---under a photo of Boehner---"Line 'em up and shoot 'em." (Yes, ironic coming from the anti-2nd Amendment crowd). As John Nolte (who listed much of this information in a recent piece in Breitbart) correctly observed if a Tea Partier had said or written that it would be on every front page of every newspaper in the country.
  • Tina Brown attempted to trump that by accusing the Republicans of donning "suicide vests.

  • The always reliable and certified knucklehead, Chris Mathews, referred to the GOP as "hostage takers."
  • And need I remind you, it was just 5 months ago when this administration veterans, pro-lifers, Tea Party folks, and others as enemies of the state (if you wish, you can refer to my post on May 19, 2013, for sources on that claim).
  • One can argue most politicians--Left, Right and Center---are petulant and uncivil but progressive Democrats take it to absurd and damaging levels.