Thursday, October 3, 2013

Shutdown's Purpose: Progressive Political Class Wants To Spread Misery To Most Americans

"Shrill Obama back to 'gun to head' rhetoric.'" Tweet by John Nolte

  • This government shutdown by the progressive political class has one purpose only: to spread misery to most Americans.
  • If you recall, during sequestration, the military was forced to cut back on tuition assistance for their troops. In fact, our troops received a whopping 1% increase in salary, the lowest increase in 50 years.  The White House was closed to tours. They cut funding to Native American schools. Furloughs were imposed on air traffic controllers (a critic at the time likened that to removing stop lights from our roads). Their scare tactics included "warning" Americans that teachers and first-responders would lose their jobs. At the time, I entitled one of my pieces: "Obama's Magical Misery Tour."

  • Well, the misery tour continues. As most Americans now know, they even tried to keep our WWII veterans from visiting THEIR OWN MEMORIAL this week. The administration put barricades up to try to dramatize how damaging a government shutdown really is. They even did it by exploiting WWII vets in their 80's and 90's, many of whom are disabled from age and from war. As Burge Tweeted yesterday, "OMG anarchists in wheelchairs." He was referring to the most miserable prick in Congress, Harry Reid, calling the Tea Party folks anarchists.

  • But this disgrace didn't end there. Powerline reported yesterday that 20 SEIU union members protested Republicans at the Memorial. It was revealed that those 20 SEIU members were PAID by the Democrats to hold their protest.

  • It gets even worse. In August, even USA TODAY reported that military hospitals were experiencing shrinking services to meet spending cuts. They reported furloughs lead to delays in treatment for our injured troops.  Inpatient beds were in critically short supply.  The National Military Family Association complained of troops waiting longer just to make medical appointments, immunizations for infants and just getting someone to answer the phones at medical clinics. At Walter Reed, the primary facility for troops wounded in our wars, the number of operating rooms were cut from 23 to 20 Monday through Thursday and 10 on Fridays.
  • As in sequestration, in addition to hurting our most vulnerable,  the people also hurt by the actions of these sadists are many small business owners. For example, Philadelphia's City Tavern, a major tourist site and restaurant, was closed this week because it's on Independence Hall property. Yet, it's a private enterprise. Yesterday they had to turn away a group of 200 tourists who had reservations at the restaurant. So who is that hurting?---restaurant staff, those who rely on tips to make a living.
  • These are but a few of millions of Americans affected by a progressive political class whose only intention is to spread misery for political purposes. That, my friends, is a disgrace.