Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Pres. Obama Can't Make The Outside Jump Shot + WWII Vets Prove Why They Are The Greatest Generation

"Go ahead and visit the DC memorials today. Just tell the Park Police you granted yourself an exemption." Tweet by David Burge

  • I have a theory on why so many Americans are still enchanted with Obama and why many are becoming disenchanted with him now. 
  • I'm sure many of you recall the one guy in your group who had some smooth basketball moves in practice.  He was a also a slick talker. Everybody liked the guy. He could dribble better than Pete Maravich. He could shoot the lights out of the basket from 25 feet even at the edges. In practice, he was Michael Jordan. But during the game, he threw up brick after brick and couldn't dribble around a fire hydrant. That's our president. He talked a good game to the low information voters. He was smooth. He was likable. But when the game started, he threw up air balls, and he's still throwing up air balls.
  • Whether it's domestic policy or foreign policy, Obama can't even hit the rim if he was standing right under it. Like the guy we knew years ago, many tolerated him for a long time. After all, he appeared to be a good guy. He had some smooth moves. Who cares he couldn't play under game pressure---until his poor play was responsible for many of our losses. That's what's happening to Obama. I believe all the scandals, the Syrian fiasco and now the shutdown are showing more Americans this president just can't play ball. He's all show. He's all style with no substance. In a game, he can't make the outside jump shot.

  • If anyone needs any proof why we refer to the WWII veterans as the "Greatest Generation," that was in evidence yesterday at the WWII Memorial. This administration tried to close this open-air memorial even to a group of WWII veterans. The "essential" park employees learned quickly why these heroes were able to beat the Nazis and Japanese on two different fronts during WWII. They simply marched into the Memorial. No one was going to stop these veterans from honoring those with whom they served, thousands of whom died. Or as David Burge, one of my favorite Tweet buddies wrote yesterday, ""WH PR Kamikazes try to pick a fight with guys who stormed Iwo Jima with flamethrowers."