Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Government Faux Shutdown + ObamaCare Roll Out Glitches: Just More Evidence Of Government Dysfunction

Will the Obamaphones still work?..Tweet by Dana Loesch

  • Let's be frank. Whether in private industry or government, any major rollout of a new program will encounter some hiccups and problems. So it should surprise no one that millions of Americans are encountering problems enrolling into ObamaCare.
  • However, what I find surprising is the extent of the problems  today considering the administration spent almost $700 million on publicizing ObamaCare and the exchanges in just the last few years. In addition, a majority of Americans still do not know much about the law. In fact, a majority didn't even know enrollments started today. Consider how absurd that is in the age of social media.
  • Just as disturbing, there have been thousands of enrollment glitches reported in almost 40 states. In other words, the government spent $700 million of tax payer money to promote and implement the law, and they couldn't even do that right. Only a government can screw something up so bad after working on it for 3 years.
  • It appears Sen Max Baucus, one of the key players in getting ObamaCare passed three years ago, was prescient when he declared last April: "I see a huge train wreck coming down." He said that to HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius during a Senate hearing on ObamaCare implementation. As reported several months ago, Jimmy Hoffa, Teamster President who was also a big supporter of ObamaCare in 2010, sent a letter to Reid and Pelosi informing them that ObamaCare would "destroy the foundation of the 40-hour work week.." Actually, I like to call that Karma.
  • Once again, allow me to remind you, the administration spent over $700 million of tax payer money on this rollout. If this occurred in private industry, everyone responsible would be fired.
  • But in government, not only will no one be held accountable for this disaster, the main players behind this incompetence actually had the cajones to shut down the government. Do you need more evidence of government dysfunction?
  • We've also been told that our personal medical information would be secure under ObamaCare (need I remind you of the IRS and the NSA scandals?). It appears even the government has to be on the alert for internal screw-ups. HHS had to remind its navigators this week: "Do not leave documents that contain PII (Personal Identifiable Information) or tax return information on printers and fax machines." In other words, it's clear that's been a problem within government employees for a long time.
  • By the way, there is some good news today. A group of WWII veterans visiting the WWII Memorial today knocked over the barriers that were set up to prevent anyone from visiting the Memorial due to the government shutdown. A Tweet from an observer at the Memorial at 11 a.m. today: "The vets have control of the memorial." That's what I'm talking about!!!!