Monday, November 18, 2013

Fewer And Fewer Americans Are Genuflecting To Obama + The Political Class

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  • I've written a number of pieces in the past on the Obama administration's crumbling credibility. But that charge didn't take hold with much of his own base or supporters until the blatant lies of the administration regarding Obamacare were reported more widely. More importantly, it didn't take hold until the administration's lies and incompetence personally affected them. In other words, you can't ignore a cancellation notice from your health care provider when you are in the middle of undergoing cancer therapy.
  • As I wrote several weeks ago, the Obamacare disastrous roll-out simply exposed an inept and ineffectual administration.
  • And this didn't go unnoticed by some of his staunchest allies; namely, young voters and supporters. A new Quinnipiac Poll of young voters ages 18 through 30 found 54% of them disapprove of Obama's policies. But it gets much worse. For example, polling on the president's honesty (or rather lack of) found 51% who said he's dishonest. Sixty-percent disapprove of Obama's handling of the economy while 53% disapprove of his foreign policy. In fact, Michael Goodwin of the NY Post wrote last week: "Poll after poll shows that millions of former Obama-bots now concede his is not worthy of their trust. The magic ride is over and they just want to go home and sleep it off." In other words, more Americans grew sick and tired of Obama's Magical Misery Tour. Paraphrasing another pundit: "The Obama's are everywhere but doing nothing."
  • All of this and more is also showing more Americans and the world at large this administration appears to fail at every turn from the handling of the economy to foreign affairs. In foreign policy alone, we've witnessed one blunder after another in the last several years from the laughable Syrian "red line" declarations to Egypt moving closer to Russia to the Israelis and the French making it clear our approach to dealing with Iran has been seriously flawed.
  • And when the main stream media appears to vacate their adoration for their messiah, you know things are bad. Last week, Politico reported that Obama rarely meets with his own cabinet and has alienated his military leadership (quite frankly, much of this was reported on several occasions by this very publication last year). It's become increasingly clear that this president does not only lead from behind.; he's often MIA and disengaged. USA Today pointed this out not long ago under Michael Medved's editorial: "The current incumbent revels in his role as head of state, but it increasingly seems the only aspect of his job he relishes. Obama escapes Washington at every opportunity for worshipful crowds in campaign style events..."
  • All of this and more is changing public perception of president Obama and the political class (remember, poll after poll also shows Congress's poll approval numbers hover around 10-12% and Pres. Obama is now at 38-39% approval). As a result, a sure sign of weakness in this administration is evident as fewer and fewer Americans are genuflecting to Obama. Hey!---that's a good thing.
Postscript: Since this was posted, Mr. Obama's poll numbers---job approval---are now the lowest they've ever been in almost every poll taken in early August of 2014. And Congressional approval remains in the toilet.