Friday, November 15, 2013

ObamaCare's Failure Exposes The Dem's Crocodile Tears As The Media Weeps

Yesterday at the White House, Pres. Obama met with various leaders of the American Indian tribes. He promised them, "If you like your Medicine Man, you can keep your Medicine Man...Leno

  • Don't you find it absolutely pathetic that many of the same Democrats who supported ObamaCare from the very beginning and knew millions would lose their health insurance are suddenly crying crocodile tears?  Most already know of Pelosi's contemptible support ("But we have to pass the {health care} bill so that you can find out what is in it"). But Democrat Sens. like Jay Rockefeller, Harry Reid, Dick Durbin, Chuckie "Cheese" Schumer and Max Baucus were all in on the ruse (It must be pointed out that Baucus, an architect of the bill, actually referred to it as a "train wreck" two months ago). In fact, Jonah Goldberg wrote today, "When it comes to the quagmire of ObamaCare, the only liars they should be made at are the Democrats."
  • This type of behavior is nothing new for the Democrats. Prior to our invasion of Iraq in 2003, it was the Democrat leaders who actually made the case for Pres. Bush to go into Iraq.  John F. Kerry in October of 2002: "I will be voting to give the President of the United States the authority to use force-if necessary-to disarm Saddam Hussein..." Or Al Gore in Sept. of 2002: "We know that he has stored secret supplies of biological and chemical weapons throughout his country." I can list quotes from every single Democrat leader who made similar statements prior to 2003.
  • And the media doesn't get a pass either. Greg Gutfeld of The Five on Fox correctly pointed out the media embraced ObamaCare and turned a blind eye to the administration's incompetence. He also referenced Benghazi, the IRS and other scandals and reminded the media, "You built that."
  • But through their tears, even the media appears to understand the fraud of Obamacare. USA Today in their opinion column in response to Pres. Obama's speech yesterday actually wrote: "Allowing canceled plans to be renewed destabilizes risk pools, shifts blame to health care insurers." In other words, the con continues and some in the media even see it. In his press conference, the president himself backed a delay in the enforcement of the law (exactly what the Republicans have been clamoring for in the past several months). But his slight of hand includes knowing the "stupids" and the low information voters would now blame insurance companies if they cannot be re-enrolled or if their premiums end up being higher.
  • The ball is now in the hands of the Republicans. They should not pursue delay. They should not pursue defunding. They should not pursue fixing it. They should only pursue REPEAL.