Monday, November 25, 2013

The Iran Deal Lays Open America's Spineless Foreign Policy; Greece: The Insanity Of Dependence On Big Government

Pentagon Officials Fear Iran May Be Secretly Developing It's Own Version Of "The Amazing Race."...The Onion

  • Let's be clear and honest. You know and I know that many Americans have absolutely no interest in Iran as well as in foreign policy. For example, Good Morning America's tweets this morning were largely focused on the AMA's from last night (I actually watched a few minutes of the show between Sunday Night Football commercials. It's fun peering into the day room of a mental health facility on occasion). Too many Americans have more interest in the size of Kim Kardashian's big, fat ass than what happens in foreign policy.
  • Perhaps those are the smart ones. After all, foreign policy can be a tad dull. But that should not be the case with anything to do with Iran considering Iran is "the most active state sponsor of terrorism" in the world today (Brookings Institute). In fact, many of our own troops were killed by weapons Iran supplied to Afghanistan and Iraqi terrorists.
  • This weekend the Obama administration hailed the deal made with Iran. Iran allegedly agreed to curb their nuclear activity. The operative word is "curb." In other words, they didn't agree to stopping their program. Keep in mind, this is the same Obama administration that was poised to go to war with Syria several months ago (recall Obama's "Red Line" blunder?). The agreement regarding Syria allowed Assad to remain in power. This is the same Assad who gets weapons from Iran.
  • Even CNN had to admit today that this agreement does NOT stop Iran's nuclear weapons program. It merely slows it down for only six months (what is it about this administration's love affair with kicking cans down the road anyway?). While The Washington Post pointed to some good elements of this deal such as daily inspections by the International Atomic Energy Agency even they had to admit there are both bad and ugly aspects in this deal.  For example, they point out to the six-month life span of the agreement as well as Iran potentially reneging on the deal (they have a bad habit of reneging on deals).
  • Amir Taheri, an expert on Middle Eastern affairs, wrote that Iran managed to keep sensitive sites out of the reach of inspectors.  In addition, Russia, a strong ally of Iran, gets the right to oversee what the West plans to do about Iran IN THE FUTURE.
  • But perhaps the most revealing reasons this deal is worrisome to many is 1-Iran likes it and 2-even some Democrats like Sens. Schumer and Menendez have no confidence in the deal. In fact, Democrat Rep. Elliot Engel, the top Dem on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said, "I don't think you make them bargain in good faith by going squishy."
  • Finally, this administration's foreign policy has been a total disaster from what happened in Egypt (remember the myth of the "Arab Spring?) to what is still occurring in Syria today.
  • Many fear this deal---once again---exposed the administration's spineless foreign policy.
A note regarding dependency on big government.

This weekend, the World Health Organization reported that half of all HIV cases in Greece are---get the duct tape out now---SELF INFLICTED. Why? Because when someone gets HIV, they also get almost $1000/month from the Greek government. INSANE!