Thursday, December 26, 2013

2013 For Obama Administration Should Be Put In The "You Can't Make This Stuff Up" File

Last Time I Checked This Was Still America, But If I'm Being Honest, That Was A While Ago...from The Onion's Annual Year In Review

There are now countless "End Of The Year" stories ranging from politics to the life styles of the rich, famous and stupid. So this is a good time as any to review the year for the Obama administration, the political class and some other meaningless trivia. Much of what happened in 2013 in politics should be placed the "You Can't Make This Stuff Up" file. This post is a tad longer than most posts. So have a cup or glass of your favorite adult beverage and enjoy.

  • Allow me to start with a story that just broke today. As many know by now, Bill de Blasio, a raging progressive and Marxist sympathizer, will be New York City's next mayor. Last week he announced the appointment of a Gladys Carrion to head the city's Children's Services Administration. Three years ago, she was the director of the state's Office of Children and Family Services. At the time, the department organized a "social" for violent residents at the Goshen Secure Center. It was later reported OSFS staff actually chauffeured four females to the event including a suspected 15-year old prostitute. Cameras at the event caught numerous sex acts going on. A state Correction Commission investigated and found numerous problems. Then Gov. David Peterson however refused to dismiss Ms. Carrion. NY Post
  • Last January, as there were many attacks against the 2nd Amendment and gun owners, the NRA reported they signed up over 100,000 new members in just a two week period (better than the Obamacare rollout).
  • During the same month, we were in the middle of the "fiscal cliff" battle.  It was then when we started hearing language like the Republicans holding the nation "hostage." Sound familiar? The same accusations were repeated later in the year.
  • In February, progressive Congressman John Conyers referred to illegal immigrants as people who were "out of status." That reminded me of Congressman Hank Johnson (D-GA) who---two years earlier---was worried that the island of Guam might tip over if it became populated with more American military personnel stationed on the island.
  • During the same month, the Imam of the Ground Zero mosque was accused of embezzlement.
  • After the Newtown School shooting in December of 2012, reports started surfacing that almost all mass shootings occur in "Gun Free Zones."
  • NYC decided to investigate Medicaid fraud in 2006. The investigation released earlier this year reported the city spent $15.6M. They found $11M in waste. In other words, they spent $4M more than they recovered in misspent Medicaid fraud.
  • The European Union decided to consider whether Hezbollah is a terrorist organization. You know, the terrorist organization responsible for murdering 240 of our Marines in Beirut in 1983.
  • In February, Pres. Obama announced he wanted to expand the Head Start program. One little problem. His own Dept. of Health and Human Services reported those program don't work in the long term.
  • In early March, Slo Joe Biden told Field and Stream magazine "if you want to keep someone away from your house, just fire a shotgun through the door." Subsequent to his remarks, there were of people who took him up on that and were arrested. Roger Ailes, founder of Fox News, referred to Biden as "dumb as an ashtray." He was much too kind.
  • That same month, a gun shop in NH announced Pres. Obama was "Firearms Salesman Of The Year."
  • Hugo Chavez dies of cancer in early March. The Onion declared: "Cancer Topples Chavez in Bloodless Coup." Sean Penn, sadly, said he lost a good friend
  • As the Obama Magical Misery Tour continued, sequestration hit the military hard with suspensions in school tuition and threats of little, if any, pay raises. But our government managed to find $1.5 million to find out why lesbians are fat. The IRS also reported that over 40 aides to the president owed almost $350K in back taxes. In addition, IRS  reported federal employees owe the government $3.5B in back taxes.
  • To prove, yet again, why Sen. Reid is the most miserable prick in Congress, he blamed sequestration for the deaths of 7 Marines in a training accident.
  • NASA reported that about 10,000 asteroids just missed us in 2012.
  • It was also reported that many of the uniforms made for our Border Patrol agents were actually made in...Mexico.
  • Lois Lerner, head of the IRS, invoked the Fifth Amendment when questioned about the IRS targeting conservative groups.
  • Washington Post and The UK Guardian break stories about NSA spying.  Edward Snowden, the NSA employee who blew the whistle, took off for Hong Kong and later ended up in Moscow (where he is now). Debate erupts over whether Snowden is a hero or traitor. One outcome became clear: we learned more Americans were distrustful of our government especially following the IRS revelations, Fast and Furious and Benghazi.
  • In July, Pres. Obama decided to immerse himself into the Trayvon Martin incident by declaring "Travon Martin would have been me 35 years ago."
  • Obamacare sticker shock is revealed from rises in premiums to health care cancellations.
  • In August, Obama draws a "red line" regarding Syria's use of chemical weapons. In September, Obama erased the red line.
  • Also in August, there's outrage at a rodeo clown who wore an Obama mask. It became a national crisis. Years earlier, no crisis erupted when there were books and plays written about assassinating George W. Bush.
  • Also in September, Lois Lerner, former head of the IRS, suddenly retires.
  • On October 1st, Obamacare rolls out. But there's one slight problem. The web site doesn't work. It keeps crashing.
  • Shortly thereafter, it became increasingly clear that Pres. Obama and his surrogates lied repeatedly about the law, especially "if you like your insurance, you can keep it." Why? Millions of Americans had their insurance policies cancelled.
  • In early December, Pres. Obama and several other world leaders upstaged the Nelson Mandela memorial services by taking a selfie of themselves at the service. It becomes a social media sensation and another embarrassment for the Obama administration. Apparently, Michelle Obama also had a problem with the hottie Danish PM who appeared to get a lot of attention from Pres. Obama.
  • All the talk just prior to the Christmas vacation?---quack, quack.

Finally, putting this president's tenure in perspective: He didn't know about Bill Ayers. He didn't know anything about Jeremiah Wright. He didn't know Benghazi was a terrorist attack. He didn't know the IRS was targeting conservative groups. He didn't know the extent of the NSA's spying on Americans. He didn't know DOJ was investigating journalists. He didn't know the Obamacare web site didn't work. He didn't know millions of Americans would lose their health insurance and their doctors. Any wonder the  Gallup poll numbers show his approval tanked from 52% last January to 42% now?
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