Monday, December 23, 2013

An Obamacare Christmas Story

Obamacare Helps Uninsured Americans Become Blindingly Enraged At Insurance Companies...The Onion

  • The Obamacare Christmas Story should interest millions of Americans this year. Not because millions will be insured---just the opposite---millions of Americans will still be uninsured as they enter 2014. In fact, the irony of this Christmas Story is that millions who had been insured and millions who were pleased with their insurance (as most polls reported---up to 80% of Americans)---now have no health insurance.
  • But don't be troubled. That's a minor problem. The Obama administration is on top of this too. In fact, to date, the Obama administration has either delayed, amended or rescinded the Affordable Care Act about 20 times in just the last three years.
  • To prove my point, this morning the Obama administration extended the deadline to enroll by 24 hours. Many Americans  now have until 11:59 p.m. on Christmas Eve. This is one the heels of the last delay just a few days ago. That one included a "hardship exemption" to every American whose plan had been cancelled by an insurance company. In short, the individual mandate has been scraped considering Americans will now be allowed to purchase catastrophic health policies. Or, if they so desire, they can go without a health insurance policy---penalty free. Merry Christmas!!!
  • I'm sure millions of Americans are going to be thrilled about spending  part of their Christmas holiday online trying to enroll. After all, there's only travel involved, more shopping to do and preparing for family, guests and Christmas dinner. But this should surprise no one. These are many of the same politicians who passed Obamacare in the late evening of Christmas Eve three years ago as millions of Americans were paying absolutely no attention. Nothing like continuing to spread misery and pain into the New Year.
  • As Obama and Michelle have suggested, take a few minutes during the Christmas holiday to plug Obamacare. I know I will. I'll be reminding them of how much this law sucks. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.