Friday, December 20, 2013

The Progressives + PC Fascists Profit From Divisiveness + Their Own Intolerance

Over the weekend, the Obamacare website was down. Fortunately most Americans were unaffected because they never knew it was up...Leno (by the way, it was down earlier today too)

  • Let's put an undeniable fact on the table right now. Progressives and the PC fascists profit from divisiveness and from their own intolerance. The most recent example surrounds the controversy about Phil Robertson of "Duck Dynasty." Even though he's been suspended, A+E plans to hold a marathon of the show that will still include Phil. In addition, they continue to market the show's accessories. In other words, they 're hypocrites of the highest order since they plan on profiting from the show.
  • Perhaps Andrea Peyser of the NY Post said it best when she wrote today, "The network essentially defended the bruised feelings of the homosexual industrial complex." Gov. Bobby Jindal was also on point when he said, "The politically correct crowd is tolerant of all viewpoints, except those they disagree with." And that's my point. That intolerance  keeps the coffers in their cash registers full.
  • Even Camille Paglia, one of the nation's leading liberal feminists who has been openly gay for decades, called the suspension and criticism by the Left of Phil Robertson as "utterly fascists and utterly Stalinists."

  • But this should surprise no one. I've written several pieces about just this type of hypocrisy. For example, Al Sharpton is the poster boy for this type of behavior. His entire career has rested on race baiting for dollars. He's a progressive thug of the worst kind. In addition to his involvement in several hoaxes that literally ruined the lives of innocent people, he met with Pres. Obama in the WH to talk about taxing the rich or redistributing wealth. At the very same time, he still owed the IRS $2.6M in back taxes (NY Post).
  • More recently, we've witnessed this dangerous political correctness with the so called "Knock Out Game." Quite frankly, it should be called the "Assault Game."  For weeks, the media---largely the progressive media---failed to report the truth about this "game." It was largely groups of young, black males who attacked Jews, whites and other minorities. That same media was so delusional---in the face of numerous incidents throughout the nation, they actually reported the "game" as being a myth. Apparently lying to the American people is not specific to the Obama administration. The media has been doing it for years only to be exposed by the rise of social media.
  • Distorted progressive ideology has been on exhibit in our nation's major cities for decades from Chicago to Detroit to Youngstown to St. Louis to Cleveland and a host of others. Their policies have left rotting shells in their wake.
  • Yet, in example after example, few of these politically correct fascists are ever held accountable for their actions. In fact, most profit from divisiveness and their own intolerance.