Monday, December 2, 2013

Obamacare: A Failure On Every Level Of Execution, Communcation, And Competence

"Obamacare is the government's knockout game. The victims? The American people." my Tweet today

  • With all of the news regarding the failed execution of the Obamacare web site and associated dishonesty and lies by the administration and their complicit media, I'm compelled to ask: Why would anyone believe what this administration has to say about anything?
  • For example, today the administration is proclaiming the website is "vastly improved" and "it's on track for a "vast majority" of people. One would hope so considering about $500 million or more has been spent on creating it. No reports yet on how much the "repair" is costing American taxpayers.
  • The Washington Free Beacon via CBS This Morning is reporting today the back end of the website is still not working. In others words, people who think they have enrolled in Obamacare might have not. Insurance companies are reporting they are not receiving the proper documentation from the website.

  • But, for a moment, put aside the website problems. The real problem with Obamacare is that the law is still a piece of garbage. We've already seen its long casualty list from the millions of people whose health insurance was cancelled to the reports of many hospitals---many the best in the nation---opting out of Obamacare (hospitals are also laying off thousands as a direct result of Obamacare).  In addition, many physicians will not be participating (several months ago, the New York Post reported 44% of the state's physicians are opting out). A recent survey by the Chamber of Commerce reported 74% of small business owners will either hold off hiring or cut hours of employees (that was reinforced by the Department of Labor's own data showing 75% of jobs created last fiscal year were part-time).
  • After all of these disasters and more, it appears more American people are finally waking up from their coma. A  poll by CBS reported that only 7% of Americans want Obamacare to "stay in place." It also doesn't help that most security consultants maintain the website has too many security vulnerabilities (The Congressional Science Committee).
  • Even if the website is repaired, the fact is this administration's policies  and screw-ups have already imposed a great deal of misery and pain upon the American people---misery and pain that has damaged several future generations.
Postscript: And since this was posted---Gruber.