Thursday, January 2, 2014

Obama Administration: It's Not A Failure In Foreign Policy---It's No Foreign Policy

Relations Break Down Between The U.S. And Them...the Onion

  • On this second day of 2014, I have to make a correction. In August of 2013, I wrote a piece entitled, "The Other Obama Administration's Big Failure: Foreign Policy." In actuality, this administration is void of any foreign policy.
  • I came to that conclusion after reading comments made by a tour guide in Turkey who also spent some time in the United States. He was overheard to have said, "I used to think of the United States as a big superpower. Now, I just think of it as a big country."
  • Initially, one might not give any credence to what some Turkish tour guide says about America. But his comments---taken in context---have a big impact. In addition, they're backed up with evidence.

  • Many Americans are old enough to remember when adults were in charge of our foreign policy. For example, they understand that an American president should never have been seen taking selfies of himself and Denmark's prime minister at a memorial for an historic figure such as Nelson Mandela. That was an embarrassment on a global scale.
  • When it came to Assad in Syria last year, not only did Obama erase the "red-line" regarding Syria's use of chemical weapons but his policy (along with that fake, phony and back-stabbing fraud, John F. Kerry) allowed Assad to remain in power and get away with murder. It's estimated that over 100,000 people have died in Syria in the last year. Just as disturbing, we're now seeing Iran-backed Hezbollah terrorists entering the war. While this is developing, the U.S. appears to be standing on the sidelines.
  • Obama's foreign policy or lack thereof in Egypt was spectacular. The U.S. did nothing to try to prevent the coup last July and then refused to call the overthrow of a democratically elected president a coup. This made Washington D.C. look weak and incompetent. The outcome: Egypt today is a mess. Remember, it was in 2009, in Obama's now famous "Cairo Speech" when he promised to repair relations with the "Muslim world."
  • While relations with Israel have improved to a slight degree, Israelis remain unconvinced that the Obama administration has their best interests in mind. The fact is Israel feels like the U.S. has abandoned one of our closest allies in that region.
  • Perhaps one of the bright points in whatever foreign policy the Obama administration has is the temporary deal over Iran's nuclear program. But no one really believes it's going to hold.

  • Russia managed to fill the void left by our failed foreign policy and even gave Edward Snowden sanctuary. Most observers agree the relationship between both countries is not good.
  • Speaking of Snowden, the blowback regarding NSA surveillance damaged our relationship with both Europe and Latin America. Our diplomacy took a hit with revelations that NSA tapped the German Chancellor's cell phone.
  •  We're now watching China flex its strength throughout Asia. This is an important development considering the U.S. still has relatively good relations with many countries in Asia.
  • And then there's Afghanistan and al-Qaeda. Contrary to what the Obama administration tried to sell (that al-Qaeda is on the run), they've resurrected operations around the globe. And nowhere is this more evident than the U.S. closing many consulates and embassies.
  • History has shown over and over again---when a superpower projects weakness and complacency---it invites aggression. Even the Left-leaning Economist wrote recently: "Unless America behaves as a leader and guarantor of the world order, it will be inviting regional powers to test their strength."
  • To date, the Obama administration has failed almost every test of foreign policy.