Friday, January 31, 2014

Republicans Still Tip-Toeing Through The Tulips + Trip Over Their Own Stupidity

Aides Advise Obama To Avoid Any Mention Of America During State Of The Union Speech...The Onion

  • Many conservatives in the Republican Party have been scratching their heads in the last few days (actually, the last 6 years or more). They are asking themselves and other conservatives: Is the Republican Party trying to commit suicide?
  • It's a valid question. President Obama came off a State of the Union address that was the lowest rated in 14 years. His overall polling---in almost every area---has been in free fall for over a year now especially his keystone policy, Obamacare.
  • With all of that low hanging fruit, Republicans decide to make immigration and amnesty a priority issue. And where do these issues fall in terms of their importance to the American people? The most recent Quinnipiac Poll found that 5% of the American public view immigration as a priority. Polls taken by CBS, Gallup, Bloomberg and a host of others found similar results. In some cases, the polls found less than 5% of Americans view immigration as deserving immediate attention.
  • And what did almost all of these polls find as issues that need immediate attention? Invariably it came down to the economy, jobs, the federal deficit and health care. Moreover, these poll finding have been rather consistent over the last several years.
  • In addition, Obamacare is also polling poorly. For example, the most recent NBC/WSJ poll found that 48% of Americans think Obamacare is a bad idea (34% believe it's a good idea). In a recent ABC poll, 59% of disapprove of the administration's handling of health care.
  • It's clear as it was in the previous two elections. The Republicans continue to target issues that are not a priority for most Americans. Any wonder why they keep losing? After all, they lost the last election to an incumbent who had one of the worst records of any incumbent in the history of the country. Instead of focusing on core conservative principles that win elections (Ronald Reagan comes immediately to mind and the Tea Party in 2010)), they fall into the trap of: We gotta show the public we're nice guys too. And guess what? It never works out that way. For example, even after Reagan granted amnesty to those illegal immigrants who entered the country before 1982 (after his signed the 1986 amnesty bill), he still didn't get a significant portion of the Hispanic vote. Bush 1 created "diversity visas." He got a "whopping" 25% of the Hispanic vote in 1992.  Both McCain and Romney extended their hands out to Hispanics. How did that work out? McCain lost the Hispanic vote by 67% and Romney by 71%. (Ann Coulter).
  • The irony in all of this is even Hispanics and other minority populations do not find amnesty as important as big government. No one should find this surprising. Many immigrants from other nations came here from countries that provided them with everything. For example. most Hispanics and Asians support Obamacare (Pew).
  • The outcome for the Republican Party is clear. If they continue on the path of focusing on issues that are not a priority for conservatives, they will become irrelevant (some believe that's already occurred). Of course, the other side of this same coin is that most Republicans are part of the elite political class---namely---many are progressives.
  • Dennis Miller once said it best: "Our Founding Fathers would have never tolerated any of this crap. For Christ's sake they were blowing peoples' heads off because they put a tax on their breakfast beverage. And it wasn't even coffee."
  • So some advice for Republicans. If you plan on getting into the ring, then plan on throwing the knockout punch when you see an opening. Otherwise, don't step into the ring. You'll only make an ass out of yourselves.