Monday, January 27, 2014

With Damning Economic Inequality, Progressives Try To Sell The American People An Illusion.

"Progressives always answer questions with questions, solutions with criticism and action with disdain. It's like talking to a spoiled child." Tweet by Charlie Daniels

  • After President Obama returned from his $4 million tax-payer funded Hawaii vacation, one of the first remarks he made was to condemn economic inequality.
  • After Bill de Blasio of NYC was sworn by Bill Clinton---who makes a half-mil for almost every speech---he condemned economic inequality.
  • Two weeks ago, The Center for Responsive Politics, reported more than half of the 534 current members of Congress had an average net worth of $1 million or more.
  • After five years of Obama administration policies, we now have record numbers of people who are poor and on food stamps.
  • Get the picture? It's all hypocrisy. In fact, the more progressives target economic inequality, the more the poor among us suffer. This administration has presided over the largest widening of the economic gap in decades.

  • Yet, as their targets are the wealthy and the Republicans who allegedly support the wealthy (even though the Democrats in Congress have more net worth in the millions than do Republicans), they never seem to target those wealthy who largely support them. When was the last time you ever heard a Democrat criticize any Hollywood celebrity for making $20M per film? Or an athlete for making $155M over several seasons as the Yankees just did signing a new pitcher? (Who, by the way, will be paying almost $90M in taxes to the feds and the State of NY). Or for that matter, criticizing colleagues for making millions while on a Senate salary of about $175K a year?  I don't have a problem with millionaires who earn their wealth legally. I do have a problem with the elite political class who are selective about whom they target for their wealth.
  • And while progressives target the wealthy, they have a knack in denying the real causes of most poverty. Namely, most poor people are poor because they make bad choices in life. For example, if you are an unmarried women with children, you are more likely to be poor. If you don't graduate from high school, you are more likely to be poor. If you get caught up in the judicial system for most of your life, you are more likely to be poor. If you have been unable to find a job in this economy that progressives created, you are most likely to be poor.
  • Instead progressives want to blame the wealthy for those who are in poverty. They also believe food stamps, welfare and placing the poor in rat infested housing projects actually helps the poor. All it does is relieve the guilt of the limousine progressives.
  • The danger with progressives using economic inequality and other issues as  wedge issues is that they have a tendency to also use these issues to  by-pass Constitutional mandates. We've witnessed the Obama administration already doing this on countless occasions.
  • The reality is by damning economic inequality, progressives are trying to sell the American people an illusion.